Decorating Our Home With Green & A Summer Colors Blog Tour

What's your favorite color?
Mine is white.  But I also love shades of blues and greens.
Today I am participating in a Summer Colors blog tour hosted by Jennifer from Town and Country Living.  This is a week long tour where an amazing lineup of blogger have all picked a favorite color and incorporated it throughout their homes for Summer.
This sounded like such a delightful idea and so I was really excited to join in on the fun. At the end of this post I will have the links to all of the other blogger's colorful homes.

The color I choose to incorporate into our home is Green!  Green is such a fresh color and is so fitting for the Summertime. Mixing shades of green into our home really livened it up.  Here have a look!

The biggest pop of green in our living room is the mirror that is hanging on the mantel. This mirror was from Target a few years ago. It was a natural rattan before but I recently painted it in Behr/Mint Sprig. I've also added even more plants around our home.  Plants are a really simple way to add a burst of color.

I like to bring in some of the ornamental grasses that are growing in our front yard.  I feel like the grass adds a relaxed beach feel to our home. Also, by soaking the grass's roots in water it allows me to plant it in other areas of our yard later on.

One of my favorite parts about the mantle is the hanging fish bowl.  I was inspired after seeing something similar on Pinterest.  I'm kinda thinking of getting a fish now to place in the bowl, but for now I have a plant that is also rooting in water.

The green pillow on the couch is also in that happy green color as the mirror.  You may know this already, but I purchased the fabric to make the pillow on a recent trip to Hawaii.  Out of the hundreds of pillows around our home, this one is my very favorite :)

I only wish that I had bought more of the fabric so that I could have made a second pillow out of it.

I was looking around our home for something new to go on the wall above the couch and that's when I rediscovered these prints of my boys. Years ago these pictures where hanging above each of my son's beds, but ever since I took them down they've just been stored away in a closet.  I was filled with love the moment I came across them and so I decided to hang them up on the wall in our living room.  

I left up my DIY picture ledge but because I was no longer using it for picture frames, I decided to add a row of white tealight candles on it so that it still served a purpose.  

More greenery was added to the crate tray on the coffee table, aka, my grandma's trunk.

Okay, now moving around the room you will see our entryway.
Again I added lots of plants to get that pop of green, but I also searched our library for all of the green books to incorporate in the bookshelf as well. Books are another simple way to add color into your home.

I picked up the moss covered branches in the mountains while camping over Mother's day weekend. I just thought that they were really cool.

On the opposite side of the living room is the dining room.

I attached this large green hook to the wall and hung a lantern from it.  Inside the lantern is a strand of battery operated string lights.  I have the lights timed to turn themselves on every evening at six. It looks really magical lit up at night.

To be honest, I had to really searched around our home to find green decor, and so I pretty much used every green thing that I own :) In this area I have a green and white striped rug, a green pillow, a green bottle, a folded green tablecloth, a plant, and of course the green hook. 

But just a few colorful items is all that is needed to really change the whole look of a space.

As for the dining room, I've set out some fun tropical place mats that I've had for ages, and then I snooped around the kitchen for more green items.

I get questions about THIS lemon tree all of the time and people are usually surprised to find out that it's faux.  I once had a real lemon tree but it didn't make it, so it's nice that this one looks real but last forever. 

And now we will end this tour with a few fresh limes and THIS cute lime dish towel.

So what do you think of all of my Green touches?

I had a lot of fun putting this post together and I hope that you enjoyed it as well.

Now let's go see what color all of the other bloggers have picked. 

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  1. So very beautiful...I love using green in my home too....I remember years ago falling in love with an apple green wicker set at a furniture showroom and had to have it for my new sunroom...The fish bowl hanger reminds me of the days of making macrame plant hangers and yes, fish would be pretty cool to place in the bowl....and love your "Boys of Summer" .... beautiful room curated with your love of green! Happy Summer!

  2. Emily, you are so right how just a bit of color can totally change your space. love how you incorporated such a serene and peaceful color.

  3. I love your mirror! As for the fishbowl, people don;t know this, but it's actually cruel for beta and other small fish to be in a bowl. Beta's should have at least a five gallon tank. My daughter has a big thing for fish this year and has taught me many things I didn't know. YOu could alternatively use a glass fish.

  4. Emily, I love all your green touches! I'm noticing a resurgence in houseplants lately. They always freshen up the look of a room. Love the photos of your boys! So glad you joined this week's tour!!

  5. Love the tour and so jealous of your green thumb! ;) Everything looks so vibrant yet cool at the same time. So pretty!

  6. Beautiful! I love all the different grasses you used! They had such interested texture and help create a relaxed vibe!

  7. Love all your green touches! Everything looks wonderful.

  8. I love all the greens and whites you've used. So pretty and fresh for summer. xx