Decorating around a Desk

The area around a desk can be a really fun place to decorate.  I made a few changes to our work area and wanted to share more of it with you. And hopefully, you leave here today with some new ideas on how you can decorate your own desk area.

I made the hanging shelves awhile back just using two small boards, walnut stain, and inexpensive brackets. Super simple! I like these shelves because they add a lot of dimension to the wall and they also allow me to easily switch  up the decor I display on them.

Right now I have two black and white pictures on the top shelf and a homemade driftwood sailboat on the bottom shelf. The black and white pictures are my new favorite thing.  I already had the one of my boys playing on a huge anchor sculpture framed, but after recently coming across the picture of my husband and boys from years back, I immediately printed it out and placed it in the second frame.

These two pictures instantly make me smile.  Above a desk, is a great spot to add your personal favorite pictures.  It's nice to be able to look away from your computer screen and be reminded of what's importaint to you.

Do you remember this driftwood sailboat that I made Years ago?  I'm even a bit surprised that I still have it, since its just been in a closet for such a long time. All it needed was a good dusting, and now it looks great on the shelf. I like the sailboat because it's so large and takes up a lot of wall space without looking too cluttered. 

To fill in the blank spot under the top shelf,  I've hung a wooden wall decor anchor. I adore this anchor so much! My son gave it to me one year for Christmas. At the end of this post, I'll be sharing some affiliated links to items very similar to what you see here in our office.

When it comes to my actual desk top, I like to keep it somewhat cluttered free.
A plant, a lamp, fresh flowers, a really good smelling candle and a cute mouse pad is all that is necessary.

This lamp, by the way, was made my my son (the same son who gifted me the anchor). He wanted to give me a driftwood lamp for my birthday.  The lamp he found in a store was pretty pricey, so he bought a basic rod lamp and glued the driftwood sticks to it.  I Love it!! And I love his creativity even more.

Instead of a typical mouse pad, I'm using a placemat. This black and white one from Ikea works perfect and really looks cute sitting on the desk. It's also handy for any coffee drips that may occur :)

In case you are interested, the grey color on the walls is called, Software by Sherwin Williams.
The desk and chair are handy-downs from my Mother-in-law. Something really cool about this desk is that it has two pull out extended desktop on each side. I use this extra space all the time. They are super handy.

And there you have it, our newly decorated desk area!  What do you think?

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