Heaven in my backyard

I have a snow crabapple tree in my backyard and right now it looks like pure heaven!
I get so excited every spring for this tree to blossom and be filled with millions of little white flowers. Not only is it breathtaking beautiful, but it also smells like pure bliss.

Every Spring when this tree is in bloom I like to set up a little photo shoot with it. This year I simply just set my cute little beach cruiser bike under it for a sweet country look. My husband and boys gave me the bike for Mother's day years ago.  I love to ride it.

At the end of this post I will share the photo shoots I have done with this tree in years past.

I tied a wire basket to the front of my bike and filled it up with these beautiful white faux hydrangeas.

I also have a touching little story to share with you along with this post. In the winter of 2017 my pug dog, Abby past away of old age and it was very important to me that she be buried under this magical tree.  But we ran into a big problem, that winter was externally harsh, the ground was frozen solid and there was no way of digging into it. But then something amazing happened. If you see in this next picture there is a large tree stump next to the tree.

That stump was from a tree that we had trimmed in our front yard.  I thought the stump was neat and imagined using it to pot flowers in one day.  Well on that cold winter day,  we moved the stump and found that the dirt under it was soft and dry so we were able to dig a large deep hole to bury her in.  It also happened to be in the exact spot that I dreamed of putting her.

So now with the tree in bloom, not only does it look like heaven, It also gives me peace knowing that my Abby is living happily and freely up in her own heaven as well. 

And now, here are some more pictures that I've taken of this tree in past spring times. 

This tree also looks great in the summer and fall months as well. 
Anyway, I just wanted to share it again with you this year, because I think it is so beautiful. 
I'm sure I'll share it again next spring too. 

Hope you have a great day!
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  1. That tree is gorgeous. Definitely heavenly. Happy spring.