Our Cottage in the Snow

We woke up to a few inches of snow this morning, so this afternoon I bundled up and went outside with my camera in hand to take a few pictures of our little cottage.

We haven't seen snow since Christmas, so it was a wonderful surprise to wake up to this much snow.  I'm just bummed that my boys didn't get a snow day out of it.  Snow days with my boys are my favorite!!! 

As you probably remember, last fall I repainted our front door this beautiful color called, Obsidian by Olympic paint. I really like how it turned out.  You can see more of the painted door HERE. That post has a picture of the before color as well as a  few different color options that I could have gone with.

I always get questions about the exterior color of our home, but I don't actually know what it is.  It was already painted when we bought the house.

Remember when  I used electrical tape to add lines to our windows to look like window panes?  I think that this is one of my most creative ideas yet to date and to be completely honest, I'm surprised that that blog post isn't more popular.  It was a simple way to update my boring big dark windows. I see so many homes that have the same big windows, and I think that they could really benefit from this little trick of mine.

My big issue now is just keeping my windows clean..... Can you spot the doggy in the window? She's to blame for my dirty windows :)

But she's a good girl. Can you believe she is almost a year old? Stormy also likes the snow too! 

And now the sun is out and melting all of the snow away, but it sure has been fun to have it for a day.

Please let me know if you have any comments or questions.

Thank you for stopping by today.

Peace & Love,

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