1 Kitchen 5 Different Looks! The many looks of our kitchen and why I keep changing it.

Did you see my new Zen Kitchen Makeover???
If you did, then you may have read that I was planning on writing up a blog post showcasing  the many different looks our kitchen has gone through, and explain a little bit about why I keep changing it.  And so today, I'm going to do just that!

But before we get started, I want to share with you what our kitchen looked like in the beginning....the very beginning.
Once upon a time our kitchen looked like this:

Yup!  A friend of mine gave me some old pictures of our house that were taken at the time when her brother bought the house to renovate/flip it. You can see the rest of our homes before pictures HERE. This house has had quite some remarkable changes.

This is what the kitchen looked like after the big renovation and how it looked when we moved in five years ago.

When we moved in, the kitchen was the very first room in the house that I painted.  I painted all of the cabinets from that dark glazed cream color to a lighter cream color and then I painted the walls in Horizon Gray by Benjamin Moore. Here is how it turned out. 


I called this look my "Farmhouse Kitchen" and you can see more of it HERE

As you'll notice in this next picture, when compared to the white fridge the cabinets were more of a cream color. Although they did look somewhat white already, and that is probably why I never blogged about it when I later painted them white.


There's actually quite a bit that had to happen first before my fresh blue kitchen reveal
The first change was when I painted the tile backsplash white. And if you are curious as to how is has held up, well after two years, it still looks great!

The reason why I painted the tile in the first place was because the tile didn't fit my style. I would have loved to put in new subway tile, but because I like to work with what I already have, painting the tile white was the best option.  

Once the tile was painted white, the wood stove mount really stuck out and looked a bit off, so I debated back and forth if I should paint it or leave it, and if I painted it, then what color should I go with?  It was a whole thing...

So the second big change I made was when I finally just went for it and painted the wood stove mount one day while my husband was out of town. 

It lighted the kitchen up so much!!!

But then I needed a new wall color to go with all of the bright white and so I picked this beautiful color called, Aegean Teal by Benjamin Moore.

It turned out fun and colorful and I really liked it.....at least for a year, and then that is when I went on a white paint kick. I painted our living room and dining room white, and then I thought to myself, "hey, I think I'll paint the kitchen white too!"


 I really didn't even blog about painting our kitchen white, I just shared a few pictures of it in our Summer Home Tour. At that time I also painted the wicker lights and switched out the fabric on the bamboo stools.

This all-white kitchen truthfully only lasted a few months and then I was craving color again big time.  Pinterest was totally to blame for sure, I just kept seeing colorful cabinets and so I wanted to paint mine too.


I picked out a happy green color called, Lucky Shamrock by Olympic paint.

However, I felt like after I painted the lower cabinets, the hood mount felt off again. Like it just didn't belong in the room anymore. So that was one reason for re-painting our kitchen.

The second reason for repainting our kitchen, was when I painted the cabinets green, I didn't think I needed to prime over the white paint. But as you can see from the scratches in the next picture, I sure did. Oops!

So again, just a few short months later, I repainted our kitchen cabinets again, and yes, I remembered to prime them first this time. And if you are interested, a blog post on how I paint my kitchen cabinets is coming soon.

And so now this brings us up to date with my current kitchen makeover.


I think painting the stove hood mount was a good idea.  It feels like it belongs in the room again.  I also painted around the windows which surprisingly made a huge difference in the room.

This new charcoal color is called, Wrought iron by Benjamin Moore.

And again you can see more of this recent look HERE.  
I really don't plan on repainting this room again anytime soon. I feel like I have finally come to a peaceful place with my kitchen.

And Now, just because I'm super curious as to what you think.  Which of our kitchen looks is your favorite?

Let me know in a comment below, or come chat with me on Facebook or Instagram.

Thanks for stopping by!

Peace & Love,

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  1. Oh my word so much energy! I wish I had that much energy. I've lived in my house 28 yrs & redid our kitchen once about 4 years ago. I thought about painting my cabinets this spring...a fresh coat of greay & white on top of what I already have, but I started watching my grandbaby so nothing is getting done at home except play time.

  2. The last paint job is great!! There was too much white & no definition with all the other paint. Keep this one it does have a calming effect.

  3. My favorite are 2 and 3. But new color is look nicely too.

  4. My favorite "look" is the current one, because of the way you included the woodwork in the room and breakfast area. However, the color is too dark for me. I tend to not like black and very dark gray in a kitchen, though. Just a matter of taste.

  5. Wow, what a transformation. I like number 2 the best because I like the bright coastal vibe but also like your current look. Stay with it, it looks great

  6. I like Lucky Green kitchen though they are all lovely in different ways! This is an AWESOME post...really helps visualize how subtle and not-so-subtle changes can affect a room. Also, your total fearlessness to change and re-do paint colors is amazing. I hate painting so I get stuck in analysis paralysis when it comes time to choose colors! But it's just paint, right! You've really showed me that you can just GO FOR IT and if it doesn't work out, try again. It's Thanksgiving today and I'm thankful for this post. <3


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