Blogger's Top 10 Home And DIY Post of 2017

Happy New Year Friends!
I want to start this blog post out today with a big Thank You to all of you who read and follow along here at The Wicker House. I don't know if I would still be blogging after all of these years if it weren't for your sweet comments and friendship.

Today's post is a really heart-happy one for me.  I get to take a look back at last year's blog post and see which ones were my most viewed post. I love passing on the projects and ideas that come to me, and to see that they were well-received makes me smile :)

I am also joining in with a Large group of blogger friends, who are all sharing their top 10 post for the last year. Not only is this fun to see what was trending for the year, but if you happen to be a blogger, or advertiser then this is a great reference to see what kind of post received the most views.
A big Thank You to the lovely Cami from Tidbits for putting together this fun roundup.

Here we go! Let's count down to my number 1 post for 2017!!!

A few years ago I drew lines onto our bedroom wall with a pencil and I loved the shiplap look it created so much, that I decided to do it again in our dining room. This is such an easy way to add character to your walls.  

To be honest, I'm pretty surprised that this post made it into my top 10. I gave my boy's bathroom a refresh using some all natural cleaning products from Murchison-Hume. I'm still using and loving these cleaning products so much. If you are interested, I have a 20% discount code to use at Murchison-Hume! Just click on the link above.
I had the pleasure of teaming up with Balsam Hill to share our entryway all spruced up for summer guest. Out of all of the beautiful florals Balsam Hill sent me, I think this Meyer lemon tree is still my very favorite.
Okay, so this is kinda funny for a couple of reasons. One, my Top 10 from last year made the top 10 for this year. And 2, My number one post last year was My fresh new blue kitchen reveal. But guess what? Our kitchen has gone through TWO other makeovers since!! Is that funny Or crazy?!
If you need a catch-up; after this blue kitchen reveal, I painted our kitchen walls white for an All white kitchen, and then I got tired of that, so I painted the lower cabinets Lucky Green.
But then....
I'll have you know, I'm currently painting our kitchen cabinets Again!!!!
Yup, I just can't stop painting this kitchen.  Maybe this year I'll finally find peace with my kitchen's paint color.
This Fall Into Home Tour that was hosted by Rachel from Maison de Pax was a really fun tour to take part in. Here I shared our living room and entryway decorated for Fall. 
BTW you will notice that a lot of my Seasonal Home Tours made it into my top 10.  I think as bloggers, these home tours are a wonderful opportunity to generate some new followers.
People Love Paint Colors!  That's a Fact!
As a blogger, the question I receive the most is about the paint colors I've used in our home.  So it's no surprise that this post made my top 10. However, you already know that I am a paint-aholic, and I love to paint and re-paint the rooms in our home. So I really need to write up a new blog post with all of our Current paint colors. 
Coming up this year! An updated post about paint colors. Adding it to my to-do list now :)
This summer home tour was fun to put together because instead of sharing the interior of our home, I shared a tour of our outdoor spaces. It's so nice to have the extra living spaces during the warmer months.
Like I said, Home Tours get a lot of views. Last year, I joined in on the Seasonal Simplicity Home Tours that was hosted by Krista, of The Happy Housie, and April of House of Hoff and we shared home tours for all four seasons.  Here is the one I put together for Spring.  
But just a side note, after reviewing this post, you too will probably be dreaming of spring time. :)
I couldn't decide which picture to share, so this next one of our entryway is also from my Spring home tour.

I have to say, I think our home looks the best during Summer. I love coastal style and in the summer time I feel like I get to really share my love for all things coastal :)
This was a fun post because not only did I share how our home looked in the summer, but I also revealed our new white walls. I painted our living room, dining room, hallway and Kitchen white and it was the perfect fresh backdrop for my summer decorating.
*This is probably my favorite blog post from last year (Just say'n) so I'd say it's worth a re-visit.

Okay, Here we Go!
My #1 Blog Post for 2017 is............

I gave our traditional chandelier a little beach-house inspired makeover and I think it turned out pretty darn cute, and apparently you did too.  This little chandelier makeover was my most popular post of 2017!

That was fun, right?
I loved looking back at my projects and home tours from last year.
If you are a blogger as well, then I hope you find this blog post helpful when creating your blog post for this new year. My blog readers enjoyed my simple diy projects, room makeovers, and seasonal home tours. And so I will keep those coming again this new year.

Thank you all so much for stopping by today and for your continued love and support.
Peace and Love,


Now let's follow along on the tour and see what made the top 10 for these top bloggers.


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  1. I just love watching your home change as the seasons go by! It's always so lovely! Thanks so much for joining me Emily.

    1. Thanks Cami! That is so sweet of you!
      Thank you so much for including me on this fun tour.

  2. I've read all those posts earlier. But its fun to re-read those now. I've always loved your writing Emily. Keep doing more of it this year. Happy new years.

  3. Your home looks wonderful! Thanks for sharing your inspiration!


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