My Christmas Mantels over the Years.

The Mantel is one of my most favorite spots to decorate for Christmas.  Is it yours too?  The thought of Santa Clause coming down the chimney and out the fireplace is such a traditional story taught to us as children, and so there has always been something very magical about the fireplace at Christmas time for me.

Today, for fun, I thought I'd share how I have decorated our mantel for Christmas in the past.

Let's start with last years since this one still makes me smile. I called this my Evergreen Christmas Mantel.  You can view more of it HERE. Also, you can take last year's Christmas Home Tour again, HERE.

I had lots of fun playing around with little trees, most of which had come from Target's dollar spot.

 But what I think  was the funnest part about last years fireplace, was that this was the first time I decorated IN the fireplace. Before, this was always just a big black hole.  I really made the fireplace feel cozy by filling it with lots of logs and candles.  We hardy ever light us a real fire, so burning candles is such a great alternative.

In 2016 I made a large pinecone star to hang on the mantel. I love how it fit so perfectly above the fireplace. 

I hung it up, added a garland below it, and that was all that was needed. So simple and festive!

The large Pinecone star was really easy to make too. Learn how HERE.

In 2014 I let a large wicker deer head be the spotlight of the mantel.

I was so excited to find this guy at the thrift store. I'm pretty sure it's originally from Pottery Barn.
I added a red bulb to his nose, a wreath around his neck with a piece of red plaid fabric around it as a scarf.

I also added pinecones and candles to my mantel,  including the fun DIY beer bottle candle holders. 

I really thought this was a fun touch too.  Next to the fireplace I placed a large log with a lantern on top and a bucket full of logs and trimmings.  It felt really rustic and cozy.

In 2013 I went for a red and white Scandinavian-inspired Christmas mantel.

This year I made a little village out of a kit that I had found at a yard sale. I then added a few wreaths, and a strand of snowflakes from a really fun vintage red and white plaid ribbon.

Now let's head back even further shall we :) 2012!
A little blast from the past!  We were living in a different home back then, but I have to say, this is still one of my favorite mantels ever!!

I went to town making snow globes in jars....

And stars out of sticks.

Anyway, I hope that I have given you some ideas when it comes time to decorate your own mantles this Christmas.  I haven't a clue to what I'm going to put together this year.
But after putting together this post, I'm excited to start decorating.

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