Choosing the right slipcover for our sofa

Are you looking to update your sofa?
If so, I'm really excited to tell you about Comfort Works. Comfort Works makes beautiful, handmade slipcovers for Pottery Barn, Ikea, and so many other brands, models and sizes of sofas, with a large variety of fabrics and finishes to choose from.

As you may know, I own the Ikea Ektorp sofa.  When I purchased my sofa, I also bought an extra white slipcover for it.
And then one day I decided that I wanted to give my sofa a new look, so I dyed one of the slipcovers using a RIT dye.
You can see how I did it HERE.

My dye job turned out okay, but it did look a little faded and so I was just about to re-dye it when I learned about
Comfort Works.  I went to the Comfort Works website, looked up my sofa, which again is the Ikea  Ektorp sofa, and I was able to visually try out different colors and fabrics on it.

I picked out 9 fabrics that I was immediately drawn to and I had Comfort Works send me fabric samples so that  I could get a closer look at them. I love that Comfort Works sends out these samples to try out.  There is NO way I would have been able to decide on the right fabric just by looking at their website.

 I spent quite a bit of time pondering over these samples.  I held them up to the couch, I rubbed them on my face, I even rubbed them on my dog.  Yes, I did! And by doing so, I immediately narrowed down half of my choices.  As you may know, we got us a blue Great Dane puppy, and well, she loves to lay on the sofa.  And because she is so cute, I let her but I really shouldn't because she sheds. That is why I decided that a dark gray color would be the best idea for our sofa. 

The most important thing for me though, was that the fabric needed to be soft and comfortable. I'm all about having a cozy and relaxing home.   So with the process of elimination, my final choice was ..... Shire Coal!!
It's 30% Wool and 70% Polyester and I think it looks warm, soft, and beautiful!!

I am so excited to get a new slipcover for my sofa.  
I will be sure to let you know how it looks in our living room once I receive it.

Also, I may still re-dye my current slipcover, and I will be keeping my white slipcover as well. I just love the idea of being able to change the look of my sofa anytime, or any season, I wish.

Does this now have you wanting a new slipcover for your sofa too? Be sure to check out
Comfort Works and stay turned to learn more about mine.

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