My Favorite Space in our Home

I know I say this a lot, but our home office/sunroom really is my favorite space in our home. This room gets a lot of sunlight and is a really calm and peaceful space to be in. I've recently changed a few things around in this room and so I thought I'd share those changes, along with a tour of the rest of the room with you here today.

Our office/sunroom is located right off of the living room through a set of old french doors.

The first thing you see when entering the room is a daybed.  This daybed is actually a twin size bed that once belong to my husband when he was a kid.  Adding a bunch of throw pillows to the bed is how I transformed it from a bed to a daybed. This is a great spot to relax, read a book, or take a nap.

The first change I made to the room was that  I switched up the sheet that's on the bed. I like to give this daybed a whole new look by simply changing the sheets (or blanket) and pillows that are on the bed. 

I'm sure you have seen this bell water fountain that I picked up at a yardsale already, since I'm always talking about it.  It is my FAVORITE thing in the room.  I Love this fountain So much!  It makes soft little chimes that you can hear throughout our home. (at the end of this post I will share a source list if you are interested in where you can get one too)

Next to the fountain is a real live lemon tree and I am So excited because it is starting to get buds on it.  I can't wait to grow my own lemons! Because the tree is indoors, there won't be any bees to pollinate the blooms, but I was told I could do it myself by lightly tapping the blooms with a paintbrush.  We shall see!

This really is a great room for plants so I have quite a few in here.  

The trunk that I'm using as a coffee table once belong to my grandma.  On it I have a tray with a plant and some bottles and other thrifted finds. Most of what you see in this room is from yardsales and thriftstores. 

Moving across the room, you will see my String Art on the wall that I created a few years ago using small nails and yarn.  I still think it is super cool and unique.

Over on this wall, I have a little shelf on wheels that holds wicker picnic baskets.  I love using picnic baskets as extra storage. You'll also find a few more wicker picnic baskets and trunks under the daybed.  These all hold keepsakes, pictures, albums, and my ever growing collection on paint swatches :)

On top of the shelf I have created a little incense station.  I love to burn incense while I'm in here. 
Perhaps another reason this room is so peaceful. In this room I feel the sunshine,  hear the chimes, and smell the incense. I wish there was a way to let you "feel" the room and not just see it.

Let's keep moving around the room.  On the back wall I have two old white bookshelves.  

I always have fun rearranging and mixing up the decor that I place on these shelves. Right now I feel like I have simplified them a bit, there have been times when these shelves are super cluttered with my treasures.

I just love that collected-lived-in look.  It makes a home feel like it has a thousand memories to share.

The main use for this room is obviously the computer, and because this is a room the whole family uses, we have two computers, two computer mouses, and one large monitor that we share back and forth.  It's kinda a lot, but it works for us.

Another change I've made to this room is that I took down the large marlin that was hanging above the desk before and I hung up two small shelves and some artwork. Again, creating a more collected look.

And now just a few last looks around the room.

Stormy like to hang out in this room too :)

Well I hope that you enjoyed this tour.
Please let me know if you have any questions or comments.

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Here is a source list to what you can find in the room.

Wall Color - Sherwin Williams - Software
Lemon tree - Home Depot
Bell Water fountain - Simular
Rug - Simular
Curtains - DIY seen HERE
Trunk - Simular
Light fixture - Simular
Macrame mirror - Simular
Anchor - Simular
Fiddle Leave tree - Balsam Hill
Cow Skull - Simular
Step stool - Ikea

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  1. Your interior is beautiful and cozy.I need to change things from time to time, because I like to diversify the interior of my house. I really like the changes, enjoy it!