Seasonal Simplicity Fall Home Tour 2017 [ Part 2 ]

And just like that, it's another season!
Which means it's time for another Seasonal Simplicity Home Tour!!
A big thank you to Krista, from The Happy Housie, and April, from House by Hoff, for hosting these fun tours every season.  And as always, you can find the full lineup of fabulous bloggers at the end of this post.

You may have already caught Part 1 of my Fall tour, where I shared our entryway and living room decorated for fall. Today, I want to share the other side of the room, which is our dining room.


As I mentioned in part 1, I don't actually own a whole lot of fall decorations, and so I had to search around our home for items that felt like fall to me. I know that my dining room doesn't necessarily scream "Fall", but as you look around the room you will find lots of subtle hints of it.

One of my favorite spots to decorate for the changing seasons is this wall here that divides the living room from the dining room.  The antique wood shelf always gets a few new seasonal items mixed in with my white staples of dishes and pitchers.

I also like to switch up the throw pillows on this little white bench. Pillows are such a simple way to decorate for the changing seasons and they are also great for adding pops of color to a room. 

I get a lot of comments about my antique shelf, and so I put together THIS post, where I share where you can find some shelves that are similar to this one.

Since Painting our dining room table white, I have really enjoyed the calmness of the room, so to keep that feeling I made sure my dining room stayed simple with not too much added decor.

The only thing I added in here, was a few white ceramic pumpkins, a couple of log candles, and a pitcher of fresh green clippings. I think that the room still reads Fall, but in a very subtle way.

I guess one other thing that is new to the room is our picket fence gate that we added to the doorway leading to the kitchen. This is to keep our Great Dane puppy in the kitchen when we are not around to keep an eye on her. Not only is this gate a lifesaver, but I think it is so much cuter than any other doggy gate out there and It's big enough to fit the whole doorway too.  

We were at a loss and so some friends of ours gave us the gate. I may paint it white one of these days, but I have to tell ya, this gate has worked out wonderful for us. 

Now because our living room and dining room are just across the way from each other, I always make sure that there is a cohesiveness throughout the two spaces. I stuck with a black, white and navy color scheme with bits of orange for fall. 
Again, you can see more of my living room, in Part 1

And there you have it, our simple fall dining room.

Thank you so much for stopping by today!

Please have a look at how these other awesome bloggers have decorated their homes for the fall season. 






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  1. This is so beautiful, Emily! I just adore your simple touches of Fall in your home :)

  2. Goodness the detailed edge on that antique shelf is amazing!!

  3. Such a beautiful tour, Emily! Love your fall touches! Hope you're having a wonderful week!

    ~Abby =)

  4. I think I commented on how amazing that antique shelf is last time! Yep. Still in love with it! Love the simple touches of Fall Emily!

  5. Such a gorgeous space! I LOOOOOOVE those wooden shelves! Amazing!

  6. So simple and gorgeous! Like the hints of fall without being over bearing. Love that antique shelf!

  7. I think your subtle hints of fall are just perfect!

  8. Very beautiful tour! I found it via Pinterest. Can't wait to see what you share this year!