Our New Front Door Color Revealed!!!

Did you catch my post on Monday?  If not, head HERE first to make your guess on which color you think I painted our front door and then come back over to see if you are right!

So what color do you think I picked?
Like I said, they are all great color choices. I actually liked All of them myself.  Perhaps I will be painting our door again in the future. But for now, I'm loving our new door color, and that color is................

Color Pick #1 OBSIDIAN

 Using the Olympic paint color visualizer really just gives you an idea of a color. The color in person is always a bit different than how it looks on screen.  This color actually has more blue in it than how it appears on the Olympic website. This color is also brighter in the daylight. I painted the backside of the door as well, and from the inside of our home the color looks much darker.

Anyway, color can be a bit tricky, so to give you a good idea about this color, I took these pictures on an overcast day and then I tried to not over edit my pictures so that the color looks true to how it looks in person. 

I think that the dark color is a great contrast to the color of our house.  And if case you are wondering, I do not actually know the color of our house.   Also, last winter did a number on our front porch, so we are looking to re-do it sometime in the future.  I'm dreaming of a bigger porch, perhaps the full length of the house with wood railings, wicker rockers, and a brick walkway.

So again, here is the color of the door BEFORE: 

And now the AFTER color.  I really think our house went from cute and beachy to modern and classic, simply by just changing the color of the door.

 I'll be back to share How I painted our door. Would you believe all I used was a small sample bottle of paint and a brush?

So what do you think?
Do you like the color I picked, or were you hoping for something different?
Either way, my family and I are really happy with it.

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  1. I really loved your blue door and was sad when I saw your Facebook post that you painted it again, but the new color is absolutely fabulous!


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