Love > Fear

Love is empowering!
Love for God. Love for others. Love for yourself.
Love conquers all!

My beautiful and talented sister, Natée created this inspiring t-shirt as a reminder to Love Life, Don't fear it.  
I think that is such a great reminder for all of us. 

My sister was so kind to send me one of these adorable shirts and I have basically been living in it ever since :)  Not only is this shirt super cute and comfy too, but it really makes me happy just wearing it. 

Thanks, Natée!

Want one too? 
Just head to Berkley Ink on Etsy to place an order. 

Got an idea of your own for a T-shirt? Berkley Ink can create it for you! 
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  1. That shirt looks good on you, Emily! I'm glad you love it. I love you. Thanks for sharing the love.