Boy's Bedroom Makeover - AGAIN!

I think I have made over my boy's room more times than any other room in our home.  I just got done painting their room for the 3rd time since we moved here 4 year ago. But that's okay, I think it's important to switch things up in their room as they grow older and as their interest change.

But before I share the new look, I wanted to give you a quick run down at how their shared bedroom has evolved over the years,  I'm excited myself to take this little trip down memory lane 😃

When we first moved into our home in 2013 I painted one wall of their room with chalkboard paint, and then I painted the rest of the walls in a blue called, 'Soft Jazz' by Benjamin Moore. We went with a baseball theme and I had a favorite picture of each boy printed and framed to go above their beds. You can see more of this look HERE.


About a year later, my boys decided that they would like a Minecraft theme for their bedroom, so  I repainted the walls in a gray called, 'Secret Passage' by Olympic, but I still left the chalkboard wall the same. Then we displayed some of their Minecraft toys around the room.  We also bunked their beds which allowed more room on the floor to play. More of this look can be seen HERE.


Okay, now just this past fall I gave my boys a Back to School bedroom makeover. The biggest change was that we separated the bunk bed again and then I painted the beds in a navy blue. Here we kinda went with more of a 'teenager look'. See more of this look HERE. And you can learn more about the painted beds in this post HERE.

And now, Introducing my boy's recently Made Over Bedroom! 
Warning: You may need to wear your sunglasses for the remainder of this post :)


This latest makeover was more of a necessity.  You may have heard me mention that we had a pretty harsh winter.  We ended up with a foot of ice on the roof of our home, which then caused some leakage down the wall in my boy's bedroom. I had to scrape off the damaged paint down to the plastered wall, allow it to dry for a few days and then skim coat the wall with joint compound, sand it, prime it,  and then it was time to re paint.

Now, I've always been the one to choose the wall color in my boy's room and they have mentioned to me several times that they wanted to have a say in the color of their room.  So this time around, I handed them my color swatch fan deck and told them that I would paint their room Any color they wished, but that they just had to agree together on a color.

And wouldn't you know, they picked the Brightest color in the whole deck. It's called, 'Scarlet Sun' by Valspar. It's a bright orange-red color.

I'm not going to lie, I was not a huge fan of this bright color.  I wanted to cry as I was painting it on the walls. The worst part, is that my boys also decided that they were ready to get rid of the chalkboard wall.  It took five coats of paint to cover it! I'm not kidding!  I swear it took me weeks to finish painting their room. Not to mention, I also painted all of the trim, doors, windows and built-ins from off-white to bright white, which truthfully was hardly noticeable in this room. And I still need to re-paint the ceiling white. But I'm calling it good for now!

I wanted to add something fun to their wall, so I came up with the idea of a large target that they could shoot their Nerf guns at.  I thought it turned out pretty RAD.  If you are interested, I can show you a tutorial of how I did it, just let me know!

It was rather simple.  I think the coolest part are the numbers that I spray painted on over a stencil to give it that free style look.

We kept the layout of the room the same as it was before because it seems to be the best arrangement for my boys. They each get their own side of the room, and there is also still plenty of room on the floor to play.

May we just stop for a minute and admire that wall? I did a pretty fantastic job at repairing it if you don't mind me bragging :) It's now as good as new!
Anyway, so moving on...
I brought in the small vintage desk for my youngest son since it was "no fair" that there was only one desk in the room and my oldest son was always at it. Now they each have a desk.

I think the blue beds and armoire look alright with the wall color, which is a good thing because I'm not about to repaint them all over again. :)

I switched the bedding out for these duvet covers that came from IKEA years ago.  

Liam, who is my oldest son, helped me paint this shelf black.  We  hung it above his bed to hold some books and hats.  We also re hung his Minecraft poster, along with a small shadow box and a fun light-up traffic light.

I really wanted my boys to be a part of decorating the is Their room after all, so I listened to what they wanted the room to look like and did my best to give it to them.

I still plan to switch the light out for a ceiling fan, so hopefully that will happen before the hot summer comes around.

I found the vinyl 'Five Ten' banner at the thrift store for a dollar. I just thought it was cool and knew it would look great in the room.  After I bought it, I looked online to find out what the heck 'Five Ten' was, and apparently it's a company that sells rock climbing and mountain bike footwear, which is totally fitting for a boys room.

 I found the blue trunk at a yard sale last summer. It works great for not only holding toys but also as a table to play games on.

So what do you think? Am I a Cool Mom, or just Crazy to let my boys pick the new paint color for their room?

They Love it, so that's all that really matters.

And hopefully they will love it for a while, since I'm in no hurry to makeover this room......Again!
Thanks for stopping by,



  1. You are such a cool mom! I love how you took the taste and personality of your boys and made them an awesome room that I'm sure they are proud of and like to show off to their friends. I love the idea of a Nerf Gun target on the wall. I may have to borrow that idea! :)

    1. Oh Thank you Tanya, Yes, the boys love their room and the bright color :) I'll be sure to share a tutorial on how I made the target on the wall so you can see how I did it.

  2. You are a totally cool mom! I regret not letting my son paint his room green...well sort of, lol. This looks great. Good job!

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