A few Favorite Birthday Gifts.

I just celebrated my birthday at the beginning of the month. It was such an amazing day. It started off with a morning of gifts and love from my husband and boys, followed by a drive up the canyon to a hot springs swimming pool, which was definitely the highlight of my day.  It's a pretty good size outdoor pool with the warmest, purest water ever!  The pool has a metal roof and on this morning it started pouring down rain, so here I was, surround by loved ones, (we had the place to ourselves) and swimming my little Pisces heart out in the warmest water ever while listening to the sound of rain on a metal roof.  I tell ya, I had such a moment of pure bliss! I was in heaven!

Afterwards, we went out to lunch at the Cheesecake factory (my favorite), did a little shopping at Pottery Barn (also my favorite), and that evening I had some lovely girlfriend over for drinks. 
It really was a special day.

But anyway, that was weeks ago, and now everyday I'm waving bye to another day of my thirties. 
(I turned 39 by the way)

I'm not here to just talk about my Birthday, I'm also here to talk about my Birthday Presents! 😆  I received some really fun and thoughtful gifts so I wanted to show them to ya today.

So let's start with my presents from my sweet husband, Jake. He did Awesome by the way.  I loved this clever idea he came up with; he gave me five gifts, each with a letter on it spelling out my name.

But then the gifts inside all started with each letter of my name.  Isn't that such a sweet idea?

E = earrings
M = mat
I = ice cube molds that look like diamonds
L = Lucky Brand shirts
Y = yoga mat

Okay, but the sweetness doesn't stop there.  Check out this lamp that my son, Liam MADE for me!

My husband took the boys to World Market to do a little birthday shopping for me. Liam saw a driftwood lamp that he knew I would just Love, however, the price tag on it was a bit high. Well then Liam noticed some lamp bases for sale, and he decided that with "mom's stockpile of driftwood" he could make one himself.  And he did! Nothing could make this mommy blogger any prouder than having her son DIY a birthday present for her, Using Driftwood none the less!  Big heart moment here!

My son, Jaxon also melted my heart with his gift. He gave me an ice cream cone kitchen timer that is super adorable.  He also gave me a box of Tam Tam cookies, but those were long gone before I could snap a picture of them :)

Okay, get ready for this! My friends are always so jealous of my Mother-in-law and for the cute gifts she always picks out for me.  I mean, what mother-in-law buys you cute clothes that you actually wear?  Mine Does!  But this time she gave me some cute clothes that I picked out myself on one of our shopping trips, but she did surprised me with this adorable rug from HomeGoods!

I love it!  check out the tassels on the edges. Super-Super Cute!
But that's not all, because she loves to spoil me, she also gave me this white wood crate with rope handles, also from Home Goods.

I found the perfect spot for it in our entryway, which should be no surprise, I've switch the look up again. I play around a lot in this little space.

My parents sent me a really sweet card with some money in it. And so I spent that money on a new pillow from Pottery Barn :) It's actually a sham, but shams/throw pillows, they're all the same to me, especially when it comes to the daybed in our office where I pile them on high. :)

I also brought my new rug into our sunroom and layered it over the rug that I already had in here. I thought the mix of patterns were fun together. 

There's actually a whole lot of patterns happening in this room and I've got to say, I'm really liking it!

So then, like I mentioned, my girlfriends came over that evening bringing awesome gifts with them; like this cute anchor wind chime for my wind chime collection. You all know how much I love anchors and wind chimes so this gift was just 'So Me'.

Yes way Rosé! This wine glass is so pretty, it's now my new 'special occasion' wine glass, because everyone needs a special occasion wine glass :)

I also received some fun positive pens along with a pretty water colored notebook.

The positive pens have little messages on them to make you smile when you use them. 
Adorable, right?

I also think these are 'So Me'! My friends know me well.

Now, I've been caring this 'S' decal around our home trying to decide what to put it on, but I can't decide because it could look cute on so many different things... so I'll keep you posted on wherever it ends up.

And lastly, I can always count on my Best Friend to send me the coolest jewelry ever! These earrings are made from a red copper turquoise. I didn't even know that turquoise could be any other color than turquoise, but apparently it can, who knew?

It's always exciting for me to put away my new gifts and to find the perfect spot for everything. My new mat got placed by our front door, and everyone who has stopped by since has commented  on how cute it is.

The mat goes perfectly with our blue front door.

And as for my special new driftwood lamp, well, I found the perfect shade for it at Walmart and it now sits on my desk, making me smile every time I look at it. 

Am I spoiled or What!?

This does not include all of the cards, gift cards, phone calls, e-mails, and social greetings that I also received.  I am extremely blessed to have such amazing friends and family in my life. 

Do you love my gifts and want them too?
If so, I  did my best to put together this little shop guide (with affiliated links) so that you can purchase them (or something similar) if you want.  Just click on the images below.

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  1. Many Belated Birthday Wishes. I love your families gifts to you. Lots of love shown to you from everyone , very special x

  2. Happy Birthday. What a wonderful lamp. What are TamTam cookies. I am in Virginia and have never heard of them. Love your husband's wrapping idea!!!

  3. Wow.. you just nailed it with your wonderful creations. all the gifts are so innovative and inspiring. Especially the colors you choose for these are so pleasant and bright. I liked it.


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