Salvaged Wood Coat Rack

I recently shared our basement makeover reveal, did you happen to see it?
If not, be sure to catch it HERE, It's a pretty great Before and After if I don't mind saying myself.
In that reveal I shared this coat rack that I made out of some salvaged wood and today I wanted to share a little more about it.

 This coat rack began with a little white peg board that I picked up at a Fancy Farmgirls Sale that is local here in Idaho. I actually picked up quite a bit of goodies at that sale as you can see from this next picture. I'm sure you've notice a few of these things from around our home, like the hanging planter, that is a show stopper in our sunroom. 

I needed some hooks by our back entryway so that my boys would have a place to hang up their coats and backpacks when they came home from school, but this little peg board wasn't gonna cut it with only 4 pegs.  So I had to get creative.  I went out to our garage to see what I could find.  I even checked out what was hanging up in the rafters and that's when I discovered these two green painted salvaged boards. I loved them just the way they were.  Half green, half white, raw wood exposed with nicks and holes everywhere.  They were perfect! Although, I did have to saw them down to the same size as the white peg board.

 I picked up some extra hooks from the hardware store. These are inexpensive and come two to a package.

I spaced the hooks out to go in-between the pegs.

Then I drilled them in.  

I also picked up two metal brackets from the hardware store to attach the three boards together.

I screwed the brackets to each end of the new coat rack.

I think the new coat rack turned out really cool! 
If you happen to have a simple peg board like this and are in need of a few extra hooks, this is something that you could create as well.  You might not have the perfect chippy green salvaged boards to use, but I'm sure with any boards the right length and some paint you could create something similar and just as cool.

I was originally going to hang this coat rack up by the back door, but because it turned out to be a little on the heavy side and I wasn't able to find any studs in that wall, I decided to move it to our basement instead.

This actually is the better place for it anyway.  My boys come home from school now and immediately come down stairs to hang up their coats and backpacks and hang out in their favorite after school spot.

Again, if you missed out basement reveal, you can see the rest of the room HERE.

Thank you for stopping by today.



  1. Nice! Love the chippy green paint too! And if it gets your kiddos to hang up their stuff, even better! ;)

  2. Hi! Oh my Gog! It's look so amezing! I am fall in love at this house. It is look so simple and easy to create by yourself! Thank you for this beautiful idea! I will try to make it at my house! Since last year i am looking for something interesting.

  3. Thanks Emily for sharing this post with us. Salvaged Wood Coat Rack is sensational and looks very elegant and unique. I would like to get it for my husband. Liked it.


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