Coastal Boho Office Updates

If you follow me on Instagram then you may have seen a sneak peak at our office/sunroom already. Today, I'm here to share the rest of the room with you. And by the way, if you are on Instagram and you're not already, be sure to give me a follow so you can see more sneak peaks and behind the scenes. 

So I'm telling ya, things have been a bit CRAZY around here!  My boys are on their 4th snow day in a row and have yet to return to school from Christmas break. I honestly LOVE that my boys are home with me, we've just been hanging out, playing in the snow, sitting in the hot tub, and being lazy all day long. It's been awesome!

But this record breaking snowfall and freezing temps is really getting old.  I'm sooo ready for the snow to melt and to see green grass, warmer days, and sunshine again. 

So since we've basically been snowed-in I have spent my days hanging out in our home office/sunroom moving things around and giving the room a bit of an update with a coastal-boho style.

 So to start, I moved this macrame mirror from across the room to above the daybed.  As you may already know, this macrame mirror was a lucky yard sale find. I'm still so in love with it.

My favorite update was that I brought in an ottoman that use to sit at the end of my bed. I placed the ottoman next to the daybed (which actually is just a twin size bed) and with enough extra throw pillows it now looks like a sectional, giving the room more seating for lounging and hanging out.

 This coffee table was tucked away in a corner in our upstairs and now it fits this space perfectly.  This coffee table once belonged to my mother-in-law back in the seventies.... obviously!

This lucky Buddha greets you with a smile when you enter into the room.

Above the desk I've hung this new anchor wall decor that my son gave to me for Christmas. 

I Love it! My son did good!

Speaking of my son,  I love having this picture of my boys framed above the desk.  It may be hard to see, but in the picture my boys are playing on a huge metal anchor sculpture from one of our trips to the coast. It melts my heart every time I look up at it. 

Now moving across the room are two white bookshelves.  I always have fun displaying all of my little treasures here.

So remember how I got a new house number sign? (seen here) Well, I took the old numbers and hung them on our book shelves.  I think they add such a fun touch, don't you? 

Displaying our beach treasures makes me happy. Oh how I miss the beach right now. 

I really had fun playing up this wall that is across from the desk.  I've stacked my collection of trunks and hung up some artwork. The string art was a DIY project that I did last year and still think is so rad. 

The cow skull got moved back in here after being in our kitchen for awhile.  I swear this guy gets moved around our home way too much.  The wicker star was another yard sale score. I had it hanging up in our living room previously. 

This canvas print is still a favorite of mine. It's a picture I took at the coast and had Canvas pop frame it for me a couple of years ago. The cute cement Beach People candle is from Pavilion Gift.

This room is such a great room for plants because of all of the natural light that's in here. I have a few in here already, but I'm thinking of bringing in ALL of my plants and create a fun green-house look.
This fun hanging planter was a fun find from The Fancy Farmgirls sale. 

So what do you guys think of all of the updates I've made in here?

This really is my favorite room of our home and so I always love to share all of the changes I make to it with you.  

Thanks friends for stopping by today.



  1. This room is so warm and beautiful! It makes me wish for summer!

  2. i like this beautiful room. this is so attractive and eye catching also check homes of the rich and famous

  3. This is such a beautiful space! Super cozy but airy and bright at the same time!

  4. Wow this is such a beautiful beautiful post! Absolutely love it! the colors look so pretty together and i am sure your home is a soothing place