What to do with an old broken Christmas Tree

Do you have an old broken artificial Christmas tree that you don't know what to do with?
If so, I'm here to convince you to recycle it rather than throw it out.

My Mother-in-law's Christmas tree broke and so she had to buy a new one.  She gave me the broken tree knowing that I could find a way to re use it, and boy Did I! 
I am about to share with you the many ways I have used her tree to decorate our home for Christmas this year.

So to start, I took my tree loppers and cut off  the tree branches from the tree. This wasn't as simple as it sounds, It took some muscle and  a lot of twisting to get these branches off.  I would also suggest wearing gloves because my hands were all cut up by the time I was finished. But in the end I was left with a pile of branches that I could incorporate into my holiday decorating.

As for the tree top, I just placed it in the ground in the front of our house.  Do you spot it there down on the right side?

The most creative thing I did with the branches was turn them into a peace wreath.

I just wired the branches onto a cardboard cutout of a peace sign, added some lights to it, and hung it up in our bedroom.
 Didn't it turn out fun?  Find more of the instructions to make it, HERE.

As for the rest of the branches, I simply just tucked them into my decor here and there.  
I'm going to let you see for yourself.

Let's play a little game, Can you spot all of the tree branches I've used around our home?

I know it's not very noticeable, but I've tucked some small pieces in with my gift wrapping too.

Did you see them all?  I sure used it a lot, didn't I?
Adding greenery is one of the simplest ways to add touches of Christmas into every room of your home.  I'm really glad I was able to use so much of my mother-in-law's broken tree.

So If you have a broken Christmas tree, I hope that I have inspired you to hold onto it and find some new ways to reuse it next year. 

If you want to see more of our Holiday Home this year, you can take the Tour HERE.

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