Rustic Wood Slice Holiday Wreath

A while back I tagged along with my mother-in-law to a holiday craft day at her church and I made this rustic wood wreath out of  slices of logs.  I took pictures as I was making this wreath because I really wanted to share with you how I made it. 
Don't you think it turned out so neat?

The gal in charge of this craft brought a big box full of sliced wood pieces.  It was so nice of her husband to cut up a bunch of logs for this craft day.

We all started off with a round 12 inch craft wreath base and then we each picked from the box 15 or so large wood slices and 15 or so smaller wood slices.

This was so much fun to do with a group of ladies too.  We all just chit chatted as we crafted our wreaths.

We first laid the log slices on the wreath form rearranging them until we were happy with the layout and then we glued them on with wood glue.

This glue worked pretty well, although I did find myself hot gluing some of the slices that were still a little loose.

Next came the fun part of decorating the wreaths.  The gal in charge was also so kind as to put together bags with a piece of burlap, greenery, berries, pine cones and bells in each of them.

This part took a bit of playing and fussing until I liked the grouping and then I hot glued it all together.  Everyone did their own thing with the wreath decorations but they all turned out really cute.

I brought mine home and hung it up on a coat hook in our kitchen.  

It hangs just below my festive cow skull.

It was a really fun day making these wreaths and I think you would enjoy making one too.

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  1. Oh I love this! So unique and creative! I love the wood slices, what a fabulous idea!!! Beautiful wreath!


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