Evergreen Christmas Mantel

I know Christmas is just a few days away, but when I shared our Cottage Christmas Home Tour, I had promised to come back and share more details of our fireplace with you.  So I guess I better hurry and do that before Christmas is over, right? 😉

The fireplace is my favorite part of all of my holiday decorating.  Well, wait a sec, I take that back, our fireplace is my Second favorite part of my holiday decorating, our home's exterior is my most favorite, Did you see it? You can HERE.

But I also had a lot of fun decorating our fireplace this year.

So to start, I left my rattan mirror from Target (that I painted) hanging up. And then I started playing around with all of the decorations on the mantel...which have all mostly come from Target too. 

I blogged more about the mini trees that I gave a little makeover to in This post.  And then I just placed the trees into some white pots. The mini skis were from Target last year.

I've had this glass tree candle stand for years and years now.  I decorate with it every holiday because I love it, and also because it reminds me of first Christmases spend as newlyweds.

I've scattered tiny trees and big pinecones throughout. Oh and the stick star is from Target as well. 

My very favorite thing on our mantel is this vintage metal matches holder.  I found it at a yard sale over the summer, but just now thought to hang it up on the fireplace.  I think it adds such a fun touch.

The hanging tree garland is also from Target.  I'm telling you, you gotta hit Target's dollar spot at the beginning of the season! It can inspire your whole Christmas "theme' and wont cost you much.

I think adding a bunch of logs and candles to the inside of the fireplace made a huge difference.  I usually just have a screen covering this black hole, but by filling in the hole with logs and candles it now gives it such a cozy rustic feel. And since we hardly ever build a fire, it's nice to be able to light all of the candles at night and still get that warm peaceful glow.

I'm thinking I'll probably leave the logs and candles there even after Christmas is over.  

So I basically started with the fireplace and then decorated the rest of the house around it, going with an evergreen Christmas theme.

We are looking forward to a very cozy Christmas and I hope the same to you.

Let the countdown begin!


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