Easy Pom Pom Pillow

Once upon a time, like a few weeks ago, there was a green plaid pillow at a popular store that I wanted. And every time I went to that store, I eyed that pillow. I wanted that pillow, and I wanted a blue coordinating pillow to go with it.  But those pillows were 20 dollars a piece, and yes, that's a decent price to pay for a pillow, but I really just didn't want to spend money on holiday decor. So instead I made a pillow.  And in the end, my pillow turned out to be even cuter than the one in the store.

The pillow that I'm referring to, is this green pom pom pillow in our living room. Have you seen my Holiday Home Tour yet? If not, you can check it our HERE.

So one day I went to JoAnns fabric store with my Mother-in-law and I spotted this green plaid fabric. I bought a yard of it, along with 4 pom pom tree ornaments. It was all on sale, so I believe my total cost was under 10 dollars. Now that's an even better price for a pillow!

 I came home and whipped up an easy pocket pillow.  You can find my pocket pillow instructions HERE. This is my go-to instructions for ALL of the pillows I make, because it really is so simple.  No buttons, zippers, or fasteners required. 

For this pillow, I used a standard bed pillow because I wanted it to be bigger than your typical throw pillow.  I like big pillows!

I actually just safety pinned the pom poms onto each corner of the pillow from the inside.  This way I can  remove them when I need to throw the cover in the wash. 

Tip* These pom poms are really simple to make too, or so I've heard, I've never made them myself. But I'm betting you could do a quick how-to search online and find a tutorial on how to make some. They would be cute to add to any pillow. 

If you look at my tree closely, you'll noticed that I used some extra fabric, tied together, to make a simple matching garland. 

Oh, and by the way, I have since seen the two pillows from the popular store in a few other blogger's home. So that just goes to say, I wasn't the only one eyeing those pillows :)

I'm just pleased that I saved a few bucks and came up with something one-of-a-kind and festive for our home. 

So the next time you are eyeing a pillow, maybe stop and ask yourself if you could sew something similar up for less. And you never know, yours may just be even better!

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  1. Yours *is* a cute pillow and it is pretty much genius to have pinned on the pom poms! And I love the garland too!