3 ways to give new life to Christmas bulb ornaments.

I don't know about you, but I like to change the look of our Christmas tree every year.  I think most people keep their Christmas tree the same year after year because it's traditional, and that's great, but I think it's fun to give our tree a different look for each holiday season. And one of the easiest ways to do that is to re-work the ornaments that I already own to give them a new life.

Probably the easiest way to change your bulb ornaments is to paint them in your choice of color.
I had a plan to keep the color red very minimal this year and  bring in lots of bright greens instead. So it made sense to spray paint these red bulb ornaments that I had on hand green.
 Let me explain how I did it.

First, I removed the ornament's topper.

Next, I placed the ornaments on skewers and  poked them into some cardboard.

With a light spray, I spray painted them.  I did however have to hold the skewer up in the air to reach the top part of the bulb. Just be careful not to get too close with the spray can or it will leave drips.

Once the ornaments had dried, I placed the topper back on them and hung them on our tree.  
I think the pops of green add a fun touch to our tree this year.

Another thing you can do to your old ornaments is turn them into fun Chalkboard Ornaments.
And you may recall, I did that last year. All I did was spray paint some ornaments with chalkboard spray paint using the same method as above. See more HERE

Once they were dried, I had fun writing little messages on them with chalk. 

I used these chalkboard ornaments again this year but chose to keep them without writing.

And the 3rd way I've updated old bulb ornaments was to wrap them up in yarn. I made these yarn balls years ago, but I'm pretty sure I've decorated with them every year since. See my instructions to make them HERE.  But just beware that's a very old post and not my best photography or blogging :)

I think they look cute covered in white as well as gray yarn.  But these could be made in any color you wish.  I think they would be fun to make with different textured yarn too.

And if you haven't seen it yet, here is our tree this year.  Look closely and you will see all three bulbs that I've given new life to.

If you haven't seen our Cottage Christmas Home Tour yet, you can see it HERE,

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  1. Great idea's! I never would have thought to paint an ornament! Now I know what to do with boxes of old ornaments I haven't used in years!

  2. So cute. I love the green. It's the color I used this Christmas. I love the chalkboard ornaments.


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