Target's Dollar Spot Tree Makeover

I haven't decorated for Christmas just yet, I'm waiting until we get back from our Thanksgiving holiday with family. But I have made a few new decorations to use around our home this year. 
Today I want to share with you these festive mini trees that I made over.

You have probably seen these mini trees at Target. They can be found in their dollar spot section.  I saw them as soon as I walked into the store and I immediately grabbed three and put them in my cart.

 I also grabbed three of these green and black check gift bags because I thought they were just too cute to pass up.

I try not to go overboard with buying new Christmas decorations every year. I usually just buy a few simple things that go with whatever look I'm going for that year, but I already know that these trees will be a staple that I'll want to use every year. 

 I decided to give these little trees a mini makeover. As you can see, they had a fake little pine cone on them before that I wanted to remove and replace with a real pine cone. 

 I just so happened to have some mini pinecones on hand. I like to collect things when I'm out in nature. I find that I can always find a use for them later on.

I simply just peeled off the fake pinecones and hot glued a real one in the same spot. 

I think the real pinecones make the tree look a little more real looking then how it looked before.
And just look at what a difference it made!

 I also liked how the trees fit perfectly into the green check gift bags and the white handles haning on the side are a fun touch. 

I'm not sure where these trees will end up in my holiday decorating, but I think they will look festive no matter where I place them.  

So if you have bought these trees already, or if you plan to, this is a fun project to add a little something special to them.

Thanks for stopping by today. 


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  1. Love that you switched out the fake pine cones with real ones! I as in Target yesterday and got a couple of little bottle brush trees, but didn't see these. I also love the plaid sacks you added.