Pinecone Star

Last December I shared this large pinecone star over at Ella Claire, did you ever get a chance to see it? Well if not, I'm going to re-share the tutorial with you here today.

This pinecone start is so large that it fit perfectly on our fireplace mantel.

To make this pinecone star I started off with five yardsticks. I had been collecting yardsticks for awhile, some of them were even vintage, but I decided to use them anyway for this project just because I already had them on hand. I have since found that you can purchase yardsticks HERE.

I laid my yardsticks out on the floor to create a star pattern. Then I applied hot glue at each of the five points to attach the yardsticks together. I also stuck a dab of hot glue at each spot where the yardsticks overlapped. 

Now the yardstick star looks pretty cute as is, but I wanted to add pinecones to it to give it a more rustic textured look. So while the star was laying on the floor, I hot glued my pinecones on. My star took 53 large pinecones. These pinecones were actually all collected while camping in the mountains with my family over the summer. If you cant get to somewhere to collect pinecones, you can always find large pinecones on line HERE.

I was tickled at how cute my pinecone star turned out. It was just the thing my fireplace needed.

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