I painted a bench white and I hope I don't lose followers over it.

Before I start sharing our home decked out in Christmas decorations, I thought I better hurry up and share this new bench in our entryway.  My mother-in-law picked it up at her neighbors yardsale a while back, but she didn't have room for it in her home so she gave it to me.

Although, it wasn't white before, it was wood, and looked like this: 

As soon as I saw it, I knew I wanted to paint it white and put it in our entryway. 
However, I was totally alone on this idea.  My mother-in-law kept telling me how pretty the wood was and how nice it looked with our floors.   My boys also liked the wood, and said, "mom, please don't paint it white, there is already too much white in our house"

Well the bench sat in our entryway for a few weeks before I had time to work on it. And then One afternoon  I got out my white paint and started painting it.  In walks my oldest son, Liam from school. As soon as he saw the bench he got all upset.
"I can't believe you are painting it white! I thought it looked better wood, You are going to lose followers now!"

You see,  Liam is way into Youtube videos, and so he is always asking me how many followers I have, and when I tell him, he says, "that's it? Sundee has seven million" 
Liam is always trying to give me advice on how I can grow my followers.  One day he said to me, " Mom I think I know why you don't have very many followers, I mean look around our house, It's all beachy, And you know, not everyone likes the beach".  
Sometimes when Liam sees a project of mine that he really likes, he'll say something like, "oh Mom, this is going to get you some new followers for sure". 

So he can be very supported and encouraging about what I do, but NOT this day. After seeing the white bench he felt that his opinion didn't matter and that it felt like it was just my house and not the families. 

I felt horrible!

Finally, after I let him cool down a bit, I told him that his opinion did matter to me and that I thought he has great style and ideas but this bench was given to Me and I really wanted to paint it white.  I just did! 
I couldn't worry what everyone else would think. I couldn't worry if I was going to lose followers because of it.   I painted it because it was in my heart to paint it and I'm sorry he'd have to live with it.

Then I told him that he could paint his room ANY color he wanted, because that was his own space. 

He agreed, and we hugged it out. And then later he came back to me and said, "Mom, I want to paint my half of the room bright yellow with blue trim and Jax wants his half purple".

Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha

I said, "okay"  and then I never brought it up again.
 And luckily I think he has forgotten all about it.

In the end, I am so pleased with my white bench. It is so perfect for this space. I love that this bench opens up so I can store all of our winter hats, scarves, and gloves in it,  just in time for winter. And I can always bring in pops of color by switching out the pillows on it. 

And  by the way, Today just so happens to be Liam's 11th Birthday!
I love this kid and all of his wonderful and creative ideas and for being brave and standing up for what he believes is right, and for being friendly and encouraging and making everybody laugh.  He is my sunshine kid and I am so proud of him.

Thank you all for stopping by today



  1. that bench is so pretty! and i seem to be losing readers left and right, white bench or not! happy birthday, liam!

  2. Beautiful! You have to go with your gut. What was it going to be worth to you if you left the wood and every time you passed by it, you thought: Ugh, I hate that thing? You may just have a decorator or architect when he grows up!

  3. Happy Birthday, Liam!! I love the white bench! My husband picks on me and says I would have the whole house white if I could...Which isn't true. I just prefer light colors over dark colors. Haha!

  4. Happy birthday to your Liam. And the bench is luvly!!! ☺ sometimes there is just too much wood!!! I can totally relate.

  5. Happy birthday to Liam! And I think the bench is better painted!

  6. Happy belated Birthday Liam.
    Looks gorgeous painted white, your gut was right

  7. Fabulous idea! What type of paint did you use? I have the identical bench in my basement laundry room, just sitting there waiting to be repurposed.


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