Do You Follow Me On Pinterest?

Just like everybody else, I love Pinterest. Always have, Always will.
It's kinda funny but whenever I have a question about something, I find myself heading to Pinterest instead of Google. Like just the other day I was wondering what my options were for covering stairs, I searched it on Pinterest and not only did I find pictures for wood, carpet, and tile, but I also found unique ideas like wallpaper, wine corks,  and even tire treads.  Which got my brain swirling with all kinds of inspiration.  Pinterest  brings all these creative minds together in one spot and provides a world of ideas.

Anyway, Yes I love Pinterest, and I know you do too.  
But are you following me? If not, you should,
Here are a few reasons why:

I pin dreamy homes like THIS one onto my Dream Home board.

My Living Spaces board has all kinds of pretty rooms.  I mean just check THIS out:

I also love a good DIY project.  You can find a lot more like THIS DIY Serving Tray from Inspired by Charm, on my Crafts & Stuff board.

And you should also know that I always share pictures from my latest blog post. So if you missed a post of mine, you can always get caught up on my My Home And Crafts Board

Did you see THIS post where I share a few favorite things on my kitchen counters?

I also have a board Just for my home's Christmas pictures called, Christmas At The Wicker House. It has some of my own favorite Christmas pictures from over the years. This picture of our sunroom has me all sorts of excited to start decorating for Christmas this year.

And of course a Christmas board for ONLY the prettiest Christmas homes and ideas.
like THIS breathtaking bedroom from Love Grows Wild.

I love my make-believe closet on my STYLE board.  I wish I owned everything in there 😊
Who doesn't wish they were wearing this ↓ right this moment? I love comfy clothes, that's for sure!

But be cautious of my FOOD Board, It will definitely make you hungry. I don't usually like french onion french dip, but THIS one has my mouth watering just looking at it. 

What can I say, I have great pins!
And there's a lot more from where those came from.

*As a courtesy, please do not pin from this post. You can find all of these images on my Pinterest boards or head to the original links that I've provided.  Thanks!

So if you are not following me already, I hope that I have intrigued you to want to go over to Pinterest right now and follow The Wicker House.

You can also find me on Facebook and Instagram too.

Thanks for stopping by today, 


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