A Thanksgiving Table

Truth be told, we have never hosted a Thanksgiving dinner at our home.
How did I get so lucky, you ask?
Well every year we spend Thanksgiving with either my family in Utah or over at my mother-in-laws home.  

So the pictures I'm about to share with you are from a fall table I put together for my Fall Home Tour but I wanted to share more of it for any of you looking for some easy and inexpensive ideas for your own Thanksgiving table.

But before I get into all of the little details that pulled this look together, I first wanted to share some pictures of our dining room.

Our dining room table once belong to my husband's grandparents who had it in their home on a ranch. It has two extra leaves that go in it, so this table can get pretty long, which is so nice whenever we have large diner parties. It's actually the perfect Thanksgiving table, but enough about that.

The chairs were once wood like the table but I've painted them black and you can learn more about it HERE.

In the room is also this antique shelf that I recently did a whole post about. Check it out HERE.

We also have an old industrial butcher block restaurant island in the room that I like to use as a buffet table.

Okay, now for the table setting.

This really is such a simple table setting that can be thrown together at the last minute if needed.
For the center piece, I first laid down a couple pieces of fabric in the center of the table, a linen on bottom and a black and white buffalo check on top.  The reason I layered the fabric was to give it some weight, otherwise it would look flimsy and could slip around easy. 

I then placed a large elk antler on top of the fabric. If you don't have an antler, a long log, or piece of driftwood would work too. Or you can purchase a similar elk antler HERE.  
Around the antler I added white candles, ceramic pumpkins, pine cones, and tree clippings, 

Now for the place settings. I started off with some black and white stripe plastic placemats from IKEA.  Then do you want to guess what I used for my plate chargers???
Answer: Dollar Tree pizza pans.
I love how simple and perfect they are.

I added a plate, napkin and water glass to each setting.
As for my napkin ring, well it's made from an old belt.  See how I made them HERE.
A piece of straw placed on top of the napkin pulls the whole look together. 

And lastly, a tasty dark beer at each setting that your guest will surely appreciate.

It's simple, cozy, and inviting, wouldn't you agree?

I hope that you leave here with a few ideas you can use on your Thanksgiving table.
Let me know what you think in a comment below, or come chat with me on Facebook or Instagram.

Have a great day!


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  1. Your Thanksgiving table is very lovely. In fact the whole dining room is beautiful, I love all the white with the wood tones added.



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