The most asked about thing in our home

 The most asked about thing in our home would have to be this wooden shelf that is in our dining room.  I get questions from people all of the time asking where I got it from, and I'm assuming it's because they would like to go out and buy one for their own homes. 

So I always feel a little bad when I answer, letting them know that this is an antique shelf I got at an estate sale many years ago.  You can't just go to Target and pick one up for yourselves.
And I get it, this is a really cool shelf.  I have so much fun decorating it up, especially for all of the changing seasons.

I also get a lot of comments about the cute scalloped edges.  A funny thing about this shelf, when I first saw it it was upside down so I thought it was a wine rack because of those scalloped edges.  I was glad to find out it wasn't a wine rack....that would have taken a lot of wine to fill up, and that would never happen because I would end up drinking all of the wine :)

So because you can't just go out and buy this shelf, I thought I'd find a few similar shelves to mine that you can buy.

This One is from Birch Lane and I think it might be the closest one to my shelf that I have seen. It looks like it has the same weathered wood finish.

This one  has more of an industrial look than mine because of the iron design, but the size is really close to mine. And I think the price is fairly reasonable too.

I Love this one! I think it is so stunning with its mango wood and vintage look.  It is also pretty close in size to mine. And even though this one is actually made to hold wine I think you could find a way to display other objects on it as well.

This one is also larger and a bit more industrial looking than mine, but it would be really fun to display your decor and treasures on it.  Can you just picture how amazing it would look in any home? 

I really love these ones with the wheels. If I could add wheels to mine I would.
This one is taller than mine, but the width is less, which I think would make it fit into smaller spaces better.

And lastly is this shelf here.  It is handmade and has a great rustic look to it.  This shelf can be custom ordered so you can get it in any size or finish you want.

Anyway, I hope that was helpful for any of you who are interested in purchasing a shelf similar to mine.

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  1. I've admired that shelf from the first time I visited here, but I knew it was a vintage one of a kind. Lucky lucky you!!