Our Little Cottage in the Fall

Our little cottage looked so cute the other day that I couldn't help but shoot a few pictures of it.

We have a couple of trees in our front yard that were just so magical.
When the morning and evening light hit them, they seriously glowed.  And then they would shine through to the inside of our home, creating an orange aura everywhere.  They took my breath away every time I saw them.

Unfortunately, as I look out of my windows today, it's all gone.  The wind has blown all of the leaves off of the trees and they are bare but a few stranglers still holding on.  It saddens me how one day I am overwhelmed with the beauty before my eyes and the next day it's all gone.

Seasons change and before you know it these same trees will be covered in snow, a whole other beautiful sight in its own. You have to enjoy the seasons while they last and so I was so glad to have captured this moment of time in pictures.

I also wanted to share how I have decorated our front porch this fall. My mother-in-law and I drove out to a community garden that she helps out at and we grabbed us each a bunch of corn stocks to decorate our porches with. The pumpkins came from my husband's secretary who grew her own little pumpkin patch this year. And the sign on the door is something I have had for years.

Our little zombie is always fun to bring out for Halloween. Isn't he great!

My boy's had a few days off of school last week, and we spent hours outside playing in the leaves. I still have a big pile of leaves in my front yard because they didn't  want me to pick them up yet, they wanted to leave them so they could keep playing in them.

They would bury themselves in the big pile of leaves and jump out as cars passed by to try and scare them. It was pretty funny.

I love playful days with my boys, these are the moments that I cherish the most.

And just like the trees that change so quickly, these boys of mine do too. 
I always have to remind myself to enjoy the moment, and to take lots of pictures to help me remember it by. 

 I hope you are all enjoying this autumn season too.

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  1. oh emily, this is just beautiful! what a happy home you have.

  2. Beautiful! The perfect way to enjoy fall.

  3. Beautiful pics! OMGosh ! We had recently lost our little pug named Sadie ! She could be your pugs twin !! Very Cute Pug! Miss her ! Anyway! The kids look like they were having fun !

  4. Beautiful post. Thank you so much for sharing not only the pictures, which are beautiful by the way, but also the words. You are so right about taking the time to enjoy life because it changes so quickly. Amanda