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If I were to name my style I would call it, Coastal Bohemian Farmhouse.
I know that sounds a bit eclectic, but I wouldn't necessary say that my style is eclectic. Eclectic means that you like a variety of styles from a lot of different periods. But I've notice that when people refer to their style as eclectic many of times there is a lot of color, art, and mid-century modern accents going on in their homes, which is all wonderful, but just not me.

So when I tried to pin-point what exactly to call my style I came up with, Coastal Bohemian Farmhouse, because those are the three styles I gravitate to the most and I don't stray too much from those three styles. 

Let's take a look at my sun room for an example.  
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I'm sure you can spot the Coastal style right off the bat.  I love the ocean and I am very inspired by it. One day I would love to move to the coast, but until then, I like to pretend that the ocean is just down the street.   I decorate my home with lots of blues, seashells, driftwood, and nautical accents, and heck, I even have a marlin hanging on the wall.

As for the bohemian style, it's a little less noticeable in our home, but still present. I think when most people think of bohemian they vision bright colors and patterns with lots of texture and Moroccan and 70's era accents. For me, bohemian is more of a vibe that I create, focusing on how a room flows and the feeling you get when you walk into a room.  I feel it is important to have lots of plants in your home to cleanse the air. I like to burn candles and incense so that our home smells soothing, and I add lots of pillows to create comfortable spaces.

I may not play around too much with color, but I do have fun mixing patterns, which is easy to do on this daybed.
 I'm constantly changing up the blankets and pillows in here.

I also love most all of your typical bohemian decor, such as macrame, hanging plants, dream catchers, bamboo and  rattan furniture, shag rugs, shibori and worldly pillows, etc. etc. etc.  
 I think bohemian style is all about the details. 

And lastly there is Farmhouse. I mean who doesn't love farmhouse?  I'm sure someone is raising their hand, but I think farmhouse is by far the most popular style that there is right now.  My farmhouse style shows up more in other rooms of our home than it does in here, but there is still traces of farmhouse style in this room. 

The wood twin size bed that I use as a daybed can be considered farmhouse. It was my husband's bed when he was a kid, so I think it's neat that we have it in our home.  The old truck use to be my grandmas, and my grandma was definitely a farm girl. 

Farmhouse style can also be found in the painted shutters, the rag rug, the industrial barn light, and in the details of the room itself, like the original hardwood floors, windows, and french doors. 

So what do you think? Would you consider my style to be Coastal Bohemian Farmhouse?
What is your style?
I think it helps to give your style a name so you can be true to yourself and not get caught up in what's trendy. 

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