Vegas in Pictures

Last week my husband, Jake and I were in Las Vegas.  Vegas Baby! And we had such a great time.  I was just looking at all of the pictures that I took and I thought it might be fun to share them with you today.  Jake was good about taking fun candid pictures of the two of us and sharing them with friends on Facebook, like this one here:

And I'm so happy he did because I'm kinda bad at taking pictures of moments, instead I carry my big camera around with me and take random pictures of things that inspire me.  Can anyone else relate, or is it just me?

So these are the random pictures that I took and I'll even share a brief description of each one. 

We stayed at The Delano hotel, which is right off of Mandalay Bay.

I was obsessed with these lanterns that were all over our hotel. If they would have fit in my suitcase I would have tried to sneak them home with me.

Jake modeling the awesome lanterns because I made him.

Cool rock sculpture in our hotel lobby

 I want this couch!  It was so comfy too, I had to sit in it every time we walked by it.

Our hotel suite was amazing! It was so light and bright. The moment you walk in it's all like,  Awwwe!

Our bed with white leather headboard.

Our suite had two bathrooms and three t.v's!
But why did the bathroom need to have a scale?  Kinda rude, don't you think?

 I stopped for a picture

And look a castle!

We had to stop into Jake's favorite restaurant, Hooters, he's old school like that :)

The floor at Lucky Brand gets me every time.

I was also digging this leather chair with shibori pillows. 

Um yeah, I think I might want to paint the floor in our dining room now. 

Okay, so it's not a trip to Vegas without stopping into the Bellagio to see the botanical gardens, am I right?

It was all decked out for Fall.

Check out this 946 lb pumpkin!

 It always smells so amazing in here.

Next stop, City Center!

Our view at night was so pretty!


My favorite restaurant in our hotel...

Because just look at how pretty it was.

The outside of our hotel

Where we sat by the pool every day.

And I got caught up on my magazines.  Hey look there's Nina Hendrick's kitchen in Better Homes and Gardens.  I love seeing blog friends in magazines.

Cheese! I guess Jake got a hold of my camera. :)

Oh I forgot to share the cool wallpaper in our hotel suite's bathroom.  

And another picture of our hotel room as we check out.

It was so sexy, we really liked it here.  

But the rates doubled in price for a 3rd night, so we switched hotels and made our was to the Vdara.

Where they have a cool canoe sculpture out front. 

It was very modern, I felt like I was in the future.

Here is a cool Halloween display in the lobby.

Our suite at the Vdara was nice too.

It had a dark masculine look to it.

 It only one t.v. Ha!

But check out the view!

You could see our old Hotel from here.

And looking down!

Okay now lets go shopping!  As I secretly take pictures of all of the pretty store displays. 

Free People had lots of cool wall hangings going on,  I just loved this light.

Anthropology anyone?

Sorry, I just couldn't help myself.

So much pretty things to look at.

And that wraps up my random pictures from our Vegas trip. 

Did I bore you or inspire you?

Either way,  Thank you for stopping by.


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