Painted Bunk Beds and Armoire in My Boy's Room

I just posted my boy's back to school Bedroom Makeover,  Did you catch it?
If not, you can see it HERE.  
So as I had mentioned, the biggest change I made to their bedroom was that I debunked their bunk beds and painted them, as well as the armoire in the room, a navy blue color.

So here is the before:

I'm sure these beds look familiar to you just because these seem to be a standard set that are just great for growing families. We bought these bunk beds years ago at Shopko.  They have worked out just fine for our two boys, although, eventually we would like to buy something a little more solid that is designed for older boys.

Until we get new beds, these ones work just fine. But I was really wanting to give them a new look  because I was getting tiered of the orange wood color and so I decided to paint them.

The armoire once belonged to my mother-in-law and it too was the same orange wood color and so I decided to paint it along with the beds.

Here are the steps I took to paint the furniture:


First I washed all of the furniture down, removing any dirt and then I scratched off all of the stickers.  Can anyone tell me why kids always want to put stickers Everywhere? Ha!


I removed all of the handles and pulls from the armoire, but to save time I left the doors on the armoire because I don't mind paint on the hinges.  This also makes it easy to paint both sides of doors at once.


I took my little hand sander and lightly sanded all of the furniture down. 


My favorite primer ever is Kilz.  It allows paint to adhere to surfaces that have a glossy finish.


And wouldn't you know, I didn't take any pictures of the painting process.  I must have just gotten to excited to finish. I applied the paint with a small roller and a small paint brush. It took  two coats of paint to fully cover the wood.

This paint color is called, Naval by Sherwin Williams

And Here is the After:

Don't you think the beds turned out great?  I sure do! 
And here is the armoire After:

It looks like a whole new piece of furniture.

I allowed the paint to fully dry before putting the hardware back on.

I opted to not paint the inside of the armoire, except for the doors because I didn't find it necessary to paint it.
And as you can see, this armoire is a great storage solution for a portion of my boy's toys and games.

Using the same navy paint, I repainted this coat hook so it would match the rest of the furniture in the room.  If you look at the first two before pictures you'll see that this coat hook was more of a teal color before.

This was a project that I had been dreading to do for a long time, and now I am so glad that I got it done.   I am so happy with the end results and my boys think it looks great!

So if you have this same furniture and would like to change it, I say Go For It! follow my steps, give yourself a couple of days to spend painting, and you too will be so glad you did it.

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  1. Their room looks great and is perfect timing for us. With our oldest daughter occupying the big bedroom and now off to college, it's time to move our twins and this same bunkbed into her old room. We're going with grey and orange and I've been thinking lately of painting their beds, too. Thanks for the tips and the inspiration!

  2. Everything looks awesome!!! I wish I had your talent!!! Can you tell me what you clean your wood floors with? I have an awful time with mine. of course we have dogs and after cleaning them there are foot prints everywhere. Mine and my husbands as well.

  3. Wow this is so beautiful, it really inspires me, I'll do it at home, hopefully Bunk Beds Re-paint will be liked my son. Thank you, nice post


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