How to create a Bohemian Candle Tray

Is there anything more cozy on a Fall night than candle light?
Okay, never mind, a burning fire would be more cozy for sure.
But, if you don't have a fireplace or the effort to put into starting a fire, then the next best thing is candle light.  

I love the look of a tray full of candles all burning at once.
It brightens up a room and sets the mood for a relaxing, spirited night. 
I wanted to share how easy and inexpensive it was to create this candle tray. 
 I purchased most of it from the Dollar Tree, starting with my round metal tray that groups all of the candles together.  It's actually not even a tray, but a simple pizza pan. I was wanting something big and round and this worked out perfect!

Most of all of my small candle votives have all come from the Dollar Tree as well.
The Dollar Tree is the perfect place to find a large variety of fun little candle votives like these Moroccan inspired ones. And while you're at the Dollar Tree you can also pick up a package of tea lights, I especially like the vanilla ones. 

I also like to add burning incense to my display. My favorite sense it Nag Champa because it smells soothing and earthy.

Really, there isn't much to it, place your candles on the tray, light them up, and enjoy a relaxing evening at home. 

There is something so very bohemian about this, but no matter what style your home is, candles are a wonderful way to add a magical touch to any room.

Thank you for stopping by,