DIY First Aid Medicine Cabinet

Hello friends! Today and I wanted to share with  you this vintage inspired first aid medicine cabinet that I created and hung up in the main bathroom of our home.

I absolutely adore the look of vintage medicine cabinets and so I wanted to try and recreate the look of one by using an old jewelry box that I had picked up one day while out junk picking.

Using an old jewelry box is perfect for this project, but any wooden box with a hinged lid would work well.

I first painted my jewelry box in a flat white paint and then I used blue painters tape to create a cross is the center of the box. I traced around the taped cross with a pencil, then removed the tape and added it to the outside of the traced cross. Using a small paintbrush and red craft paint I then carefully painted in the cross. Lastly, to give it a worn vintage look I used sandpaper to scruff up the whole box, especially around all of the edges.

I used screws in each of the inside corners to attach the box to the wall.

The metal red arrow sign that hangs below the box use to be in my boy's room, but I felt like I needed to add something extra to this wall and it turned out to be just the thing.

So now whenever my boys get a cut they know where to go to find a band-aid.

I hope you liked this project. You can see more of what I've been up to by following me here:

Have a great day! 



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