Our Beach Boho Master Bath

I was going through my files of photos and came across these ones of our master bathroom and I realized that I had never got around to sharing them with you. 
So I thought I'd go ahead and post them today. 

I think I have only shared this room once before, so chances are this may be your first time ever seeing it.   

My husband and I dream about removing the bathtub and just have a large open shower in the room.  
We never use this bathtub, probably because we have a hot tub outside that we use a lot to relax in. So Anyway, maybe one day we'll do some remodeling to our master bathroom. I have dreams of white subway tiles or something pretty and mosaic. But until then, I just work with what I have to create a soothing spa-like space.

I've hung up these two hanging seashell chandeliers from the ceiling. I am in love with seashell chandeliers. I think they are so beautiful and I want to collect even more of them.  I picked this first one up at a souvenir shop on a trip to the coast.

And this second one, which is actually a plant hanger,  I found at a yard sale for just 75 cents. Yup!

This room has a sky light in the ceiling so it gets pretty good lighting, therefore I have found this room to be a wonderful spot for my plants. Plus, tropical plants really like the humidity of the shower and do so well in here. One day I hope to have this room surrounded in plants, so I keep adding them one plant at a time.

The one other time that I shared this room was when I gave the room a makeover. I had painted the walls and vanities.  See the before and after here.

This room has a lot of storage that I so appreciate.  

And whenever I want a change in here, I just switch out the fabric of the curtain. Right now I have a neutral stripe hanging, but I could bring in some more color if I ever wanted to just by switching it out.

I also like to hang my pretty necklaces from the light fixture, not only for function but also because they are fun to look at. 

So there's our master bathroom.  Maybe one day I'll get to share it with a whole new look.
Maybe... one day :)

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