Back To School Boy's Bedroom Makeover

 My boys are on their second week of the new school year.  My oldest son, Liam is in 5th Grade and my youngest son, Jaxon is in 2nd Grade. And as their mom, its been a bit hard on me. I still remember sending them off to Kindergarten like it was yesterday.  It's wonderful to see them learn and grow, but it just feel like it all goes by so quickly, which I know every single mom can relate to. Am I right?

So anyway, to give my boys a fresh start for the new school year, I gave their bedroom a bit of a makeover.

The biggest change was that I debunked their bunk beds to give them each their own separate space.  And then I painted the beds, along with the armoire in the room a navy blue.  I plan to share a before and after of the beds with all of the paint details sometime later this week.  So if you are interested in seeing more of that then be sure to come back soon.  Painting the beds really made a world of difference.

For a while there I was on a major hunt looking for cool and affordable bedding. I was pleased to I find these sets at Walmart.  The gray, blue, and red stripes were perfect for the room, plus it was nice that this set also comes with sheets. 

I had originally planned to change the wall color, but after seeing it with the new bedding I decided there was no need to change it, it was perfect! The color is called, Secret Passage by Olympic.

The soft gray on the walls is a nice balance to the chalkboard wall on the other side of the room.
My boys told me to paint over the chalkboard because they don't use it very much anymore, but I just couldn't do it, I still think it's cool.

As you may already know from this post, I often use sheets as curtains. Mostly because sheets cost less, but also because they are longer than most curtains.  Here I have just cut a twin size gray sheet in half and hung it with curtain rings. By the way, Walmart sells twin size sheets for only 5 dollars.

{Please note, Walmart did not sponsor this post, apparently I just shop there often for great deals}

 I told a friend I was redecorating my boy's room and she asked, "Oh, what theme are you doing?" I laughed and replied, "Teenager".  Ha Ha!  But truthfully I wanted the room to look more Cool and something they could grow into and less like a fad of something they will outgrow in a year.  So I took to my stack of Pottery Barn Teen magazine for inspiration and what I saw was a lot of rooms cluttered with boy stuff; skateboards, sports equipment, hats, etc. So that is what I was trying to achieve here. :)

Above Jaxon's bed I hung an old American flag that my husband got as a kid. The story behind this flag is that it once hung above the state's Capital. My husband I guess wrote a letter or something and this was sent to him. Pretty cool!

The room has a great little window seat with a built in bookcase.  I've just hung up a cork board where they can pin up their sports pictures and such.

Above Liam's bed I've hung up a coat rack that I made a while ago, but I repainted it in the same navy blue as the beds. I found the So Rad free printable Here and thought it would be fun to hang it up with duct tape.

And I did the same thing with this Kapow printable. 

I still have fun writing on their chalkboard, even if they are so over it :)

And lastly here are just a few more pictures of the full room. 

The new layout has been wonderful.  The boys each have their own space and there's still plenty of room to play.  But what matters the most is that my boys both  really like the new look a lot.
 It's just what they needed for a fresh new school year.

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  1. Feeling nostalgic for my boys who are now in their 30's! They would have loved this room - great job!

  2. love it and sawyer would approve, too! all his favorite colors!

    1. Thanks Cassie, Glad Sawyer would approve :) He's 10 too, right?

  3. That is really nice! Love the beds painted blue - the bedding is perfect! And I use sheets too for curtains and Walmart is a good place to get them!

  4. My boys are all grown now! Their rooms were fun to decorate too. What you have done is a perfect room for lively boys. Love it.

    1. Thank you Linda! I had so much fun decorating my boy's room.

  5. I love the new look in the boys room! It looks amazing! I think I need to put a chalkboard wall in my youngest son's room now!