A new Hammock on our Patio

Guess What? 
I won a giveaway! I was so excited, My Sweet Savannah was hosting a giveaway for $100 to spend at Stylish Rustic and I won!

I could pick out almost anything I wanted from their online store, and I chose a new hammock for our patio and this cool green camp lantern.

We already had the hammock base but we were in need of a new hammock because our old one got a rip in it.  I was thrilled to find that Stylish Rustic carried hammocks. This two person cotton one was just what I had been wanting.  I set it up on our patio because it gets a lot of shade here, making it the perfect spot for an afternoon nap.

 To make this area even more cozy, I added a vintage Coleman sleeping bag and lots of pillows to the hammock.  I then added an outdoor rug and a side table so I could have a place to set down my drink.
I really like the mixture of colors, patterns and textures that's going on here.

I have been bringing outdoors a lot of my house plants, they all seem to like it better outside.

I really like my new lantern too. It runs off of batteries and it has a dimmer switch so I can adjust the amount of light that I want. It's a great little night light for when we want to come out here in the evenings.

I think that our deck is really coming along nicely. As I just shared in my last post, I painted our hot tub and now I am currently in the process of staining the railing and fence and then I have one other project that I'll be sharing sometime soon.

We never really used this patio much before, but now with the new hammock it feels like a cozy retreat.

It's now my favorite spot to be on a summer afternoon, laying in the shade with a cold drink in hand.
Awe, This is the Life!

Thanks for stopping by,
And Thank You Stylish Rustic for my new outdoor decor.

Have a Great Day!



  1. I need a hammock too! This looks relaxing and cute ♥


  2. So great, it looks like the perfect spot to relax!!!

  3. Ahhhh. It looks so relaxing! Congrats on winning! You've made a beautiful spot to enjoy Summer!