Painting Rattan & Bamboo Furniture

 I don't know about you, but I love rattan furniture and I have always been drawn to it. 
Well actually, I love Wicker, Rattan, Bamboo, and Sea grass. It all has a hand crafted, tropical look that meshes so well with the rest of my easy going, beachy boho style.

So when I first laid eyes on this rattan mirror from Target, it was Love at first Sight and I knew I had to have it for our mantel.  Then later when I found this matching coffee table at a thrift store I knew it was meant to be. Fate brought us together.

However, I soon grew tired of the orange color and wanted to give both pieces a new look.

 I first tried to stain the rattan thinking a pretty weathered brown would look amazing.  But come to find out, you can't stain rattan. Well at least I couldn't because this furniture had some sort of glossy finish to it that the stain wouldn't adhere to.

So I knew spray paint would have to be the way to go. I found this Camouflage spray paint from Rust-Oleum that I knew would look great.  This camouflage line comes in several shades of flat greens and browns.  I went with the color, Deep Forest Green

*Tip: I have found that whenever painting Wicker, Rattan, or Bamboo Always use spray paint!
It's way too difficult to get into all of the small cracks with a paint brush. 

It took two cans to fully cover both pieces of furniture. This spray paint covered nicely and I couldn't be more happy with the flat tone-down look the paint gave them both.

Once the paint was dried I brought the furniture back into our living room. I really liked how the furniture flowed in with the rest of the decor rather than stand out.  Can you imagine this picture below with the rattan still being orange? It surely wouldn't have the same look.

You can see more of this space in my Summer Home Tour HERE.

If ever I want to change the color of my rattan furniture again, I know all it will take is two cans of spray paint and a couple hours to dry. Easy as pie!

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  1. I wish I'd read this post before brush painting a wicker bassinet for my granddaughter's dollies! I ended up with some tendinitis in my elbow. Spraying would have been so much smarter and faster!
    I really like your choice of the camouflage paint colour!

  2. I'm obsessed with that finish/colour. It looks amaze-balls! Now, I just need to find me something wicker/rattan to paint, or anything really, I'm not picky. Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. The colour looks so cool, I have never painted rattan but I can imagine how quick it is with spray paint! It really makes the furniture look so different and it looks great in your home!

  4. I love how the table and mirror turned out. I will keep that in mind when I see those pieces at the good will in the future. I absolutely LOVE your home…Donna

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