I Painted Our Hot Tub!

I know, Right? It's unheard of, I totally painted our hot tub! 
Well, technically I didn't paint the actual hot tub, but I painted the hot tub surround. 
But still, I've never heard of anyone who has painted their hot tub before, have you? 
But I'm guessing if you own an old hot tub like ours, then you will be wanting to paint yours after seeing this.

Okay so here is our hot tub before, it was looking pretty worn down. 

All I did was brush down the hot tub surround with a small broom to remove any cobwebs and dirt.
 Then I painted it with a high quality Exterior paint and a paintbrush.

Now this was paint I already had on hand, which as you may have notice it's the same paint I used on our front and back door. The color is called 'Night Scape' by Valspar and you can find it at Lowes.
 I knew it would look great on our hot tub surround because the hot tub itself is almost the same color.

And here is the After:

 It looks so much better!

Please don't pay too much attention to the fence color, I tried to cover it up the best I could with towels and stuff because it  also is looking pretty run down.  So my next project is to re-stain it all. I'm currently in the process of choosing a new stain colors, so stay tuned for more on that.

But with that said, I do love this porch and hot tub. The hot tub came with the house when we bought it and because we'd never had a hot tub before we weren't even sure we'd ever use it.  But we had a pool guy come out and look at it and get it up and running for us and now we use it every weekend. 

We love it, especially in the fall and winter months and when it's raining. 

Ya, it might be old, but it's perfect for us.  I've seen some newer hot tubs and they are soooo big and fancy.  I like the quaint and coziness of this one. 

It's really nice too to be able to lookout into the rest of the yard.

So what do you think? Are you wanting to paint your hot tub now?
I say, Go For It!

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  1. We inherited a 2 person hot tub when we bought our house. I love the coziness as well. The surround was falling apart so we rebuilt it and painted it as well. We just bought a new cover as well. So much better now. I love that yours is covered so that you can decorate the space! Very lovely.

  2. The blue color looks great, especially when combined with the speckled faux finishing of the molded plastic (or is it fibreglass?) around the rim of the hot tub. I wouldn't worry about the natural wood grain of your fence; it looks fine as it is (in my opinion) and actually seems to compliment the new blue tub quite well. You said you used an exterior paint...what brand did you use?

    Mira Hastings @ Universal Spas

  3. I'm definitely going to paint our hot tub after seeing this! Currently, it's a reddish-brown color that I find depressing. That will soon be a thing of the past. Thanks for sharing!