Beachy sign with Bob Marley lyrics

Hello, I hope you are having a great summer.
We sure are, but it's also been a busy one so you may have noticed that things have slowed down a bit here on the blog, but I did want to pop in real quick and share this sign I had made for our entryway.  You may have seen it already since I had originally shared it over at City Farmhouse a while back, but in case you missed it, I wanted to share it with you again.
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To make my sign, I first started off with this old sign that I had made years ago.  I had made it out of an old cabinet door that I bought at Re-store for a dollar.   Cabinet doors make great signs because they are a good size and they usually have a trim boarder around them. This one here even had a cute bead board look to it. Re-store is a great place to buy old cabinet doors, but if you have, or know of someone who has recently renovated their kitchen, be sure to save a cabinet door to make a sign with.

I really didn't care for this sign much anymore so I had it tucked away in a closet, but after coming across it the other day I decided to make a new sign with it.

I covered up the  'fresh berries' lettering with white paint and then I  added some blue stripes by using painters tape on the already indented slats. I brushed on a really light coat of a pretty blue paint that I had on hand.

But before the blue paint could dry I rubbed a damp paper towel over the paint to give it a worn look.

Next, I went to my computer and typed up new wording for my sign.  I went with the lyrics to a favorite song of mine; Three little birds by Bob Marley.  This song makes me happy and reminds me to not get so stressed out over little things. I think it's a great message and I want for my family and friends to smile when they see it.

I printed my words out and taped them onto my cabinet door with a sheet of carbon paper in between.

I traced over the letters with a sharp pencil.  Once my words had all been transferred to the wood, I traced over it with a black Sharpie marker.

I thought it would be cute to hang the sign up by some rope.  I simply wrapped rope around the sign and tied knots at the top.  I used small nails on the back of the sign to keep the rope in place.

I hung up my new sign in our entry way.

 I tend to switch up our entry way often, so it usually has a new look for every season.  But I think this sign fits in so perfect here that I'm guessing it'll stay up for good. 

The numbered coat rack was another makeover project of mine. You can see more of HERE.

Are you singing this song now?  Ha Ha, I've had this song stuck in my head for days now.
Which is all good.

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  1. LOVE it! Such a cute sign and I love Bob Marley!

  2. So cool, I love the nautical vibe! And the quote is so nice!

  3. Too much pictures in this blog which decreases the importance of the subject although blog is not too bad to read.

  4. I can say that this is post was totally awesome, very creative and clean. Thanks for sharing