Displaying Air Plants

I adore Air Plants!
I think they are so adorably cute and I just love how they can live and grow with No Dirt. 
Air Plants Rock! 
 I picked up my first air plant a year ago at a souvenir shop on the Oregon coast and I have manage to keep it alive ever since.  So I always knew I wanted more air plants, but they seem to be hard to come by. Well I manage to get some from an uncle who sells them in his store, Backyard Birds, located in Salt Lake City, Utah. I have had so much fun playing around with my new little air plants and I came up with this cool little display that I'm going to  share with you today.

This was my grandma's old trunk, I've been using it as a coffee table in our office. Because this room gets a ton of natural light, I knew it would be a great place to keep my new air plants.

On top of the trunk I added my DIY Greenhouse Terrarium that I made from picture frames.
 Inside the mini greenhouse is a small plant that is not an air plant, but I thought it still fit in with the others.
I also added a stack of books, a lantern, a large piece of driftwood, a rock, and a ton of seashells to my display.
Another neat thing about air plants is that they can find a home in lots of different objects, including seashells.  But I have read that they need lots of circulated air, so it's best not to place them too deep into the shells. Also glass jars might not be the best place for them either.

Aren't they so fun?  They make me happy!

I'm still a pretty new mommy to these green babies, so I'm no expert on taking care of them, but the research I have found says to water them according to your climate, so here in Idaho I will water them every other week by soaking them in a sink full of water for a couple of minutes.

And then gently shake the excess water off, and let them air dry.

I've also read that it's good to mist them with a water bottle in between waterings.

Do you have any Air Plants? If so, Do you have any tips you would like to share?

And if you don't have any Air Plants, maybe you should. :)

Thanks for stopping by today,

Peace & Love



  1. I love air plants. The farmer's market is today and I think I will pick up some more!

  2. I just bought some about a month ago. They are still alive but not flowering like they were. I've just been misting them and I'm thinking about trying your idea.

  3. I've slaughtered more than a dozen of these :( it's so depressing because I really do love them. And I'd forgotten all about your diy greenhouse! I need to try that one out sometime!

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