Choosing a New Color for our Kitchen

A room can look a million different ways All depending on what color you choose to paint it in. 
I've mentioned this before and I will mention it again and again and again,
Choosing a new paint color frustrates the daylights out of me!!
How about you?

But I did, I found a new color for our kitchen! You may have already seen it if you follow me on Instagram, but if you haven't seen it yet, I want to wait until the end of this post to share it with you because I want to give you the run down first of how I chose the new color.

So lets start at the beginning shall we :)
So this is what our kitchen looked like last year:

And as you probably know, in January I painted the tile backsplash as seen here.
And then in February, I painted the wood range hood mount white, as seen Here.
And now that it's March, I wanted to give the walls a new color.
Ha Ha, I didn't realize until now that I had a new kitchen project every month.

So Anyway, the color on the walls before was, BM Horizon Gray and I like it, it's a pretty green gray, however I just wanted something new. So the first color sample I tried out was Valspar - Seashore Fog (seen in picture above) It's the same color as our Master Bath.  I love it in our bathroom, but felt it was too light in the kitchen.

So moving on, I hit up Pinterest for some inspiration and found a lot of white kitchens that had navy lower cabinets.  Here are a few of the examples:

And of Course there's Emily Henderson's Kitchen that was featured in Good Housekeeping

There is just something about this look that really excites me, and so I was thinking of paining my kitchen an almost white color and then paint just the  island wall navy.

But once I got a sample on the wall, I knew it wasn't right for my kitchen. I know it doesn't look all that bad in the picture, but it just didn't feel right in the room. You get me, right?

And then another color popped into my head,  Benjamin Moore - Limecickle.
It was a color I used in the master bath of our old house and loved it.

It's just a really pretty, light and bright limey color, and I thought it would really liven up our kitchen.
But once I got it up on the wall...... Yuck!

So as you can see, this is why I find choosing a paint color to be so frustrating!!!!

So I went down to our basement where I keep all of our paints to browse for some more samples and I found a can of  this:

Benjamin Moore - Aegean Teal

A family friend, who is a designer, was helping to remodel my husband's law office a few years back, and he used this color as an accent wall in the conference room.  I had some leftovers of the paint sitting in our basement and so I thought I'd give it a try.

I really loved how the white popped next to the blue. I liked how it was still a dark blue like my Pinterest inspiration pictures, but just not as dark. I liked that it felt fresh. I liked how it blended with the living room color. Oh my gosh, I liked it!  Ha Ha! So I went for it!
So without further ado, let me share with you the new color of my kitchen.........................
Ta Da!!!!

I Like it a lot!

So lets look back at what it looked like before, shall we?
What a difference, Right? 
Now I finally feel like this kitchen is my style, and it flows so much better with the rest of the house.

Stay tuned, I'll be back tomorrow to share more pictures of our kitchen.
Thanks for stopping by,



  1. I love the new look. What a fun pop of color, but still keeping that light and airy feel.

  2. Beautiful! Love that color! A favorite kitchen I found on Pinterest has cabinets that are painted in Aegean Teal (which I read wrong at first, and thought -- for a long time -- was Oregon Trail). :)

  3. I love it too!! Nice change and really like that all the cabinets are white, except for the pop of color carried through to the island. Great job! Show us more please!!

  4. I love the new color of your kitchen. Although your kitchen looked nice with the old color, it looks more refreshing now. Having the majority of the cabinets white makes your kitchen look much bigger then it looked when some of the cabinets where brown. It’s great that your kitchen now flows with the rest of your house.

  5. What a beautiful kitchen! You are definitely an inspiration for me while I try to style my own home. Thanks for sharing..

  6. You really did a great job -- absolutely love everything about your kitchen!

  7. that is beautiful and bright. What a change.