Step by Step Styling Tips

I'm back today to share some more of my tips with you.  
A few weeks ago I shared my tips on how to Liven Up a space. You can see that post, HERE.

Today's tips are kinda similar to the tips in that post,  I always like to liven up a space and make it feel fresh.  But mostly what I want to share with you today is my step by step process of putting a look together. 

Tip #1 Start from scratch

So this is a wall in our home that somewhat divides the living room from the dining room. It is the first thing you see when entering our home.  Because this wall also acts as a walkway to get to the kitchen or the hallway,  I have to use furniture that doesn't stick out too far, therefore this shelf and bench are perfect for the space. 
The two pictures on the wall create symmetry, and the wood box under the bench coordinates with the antique wood shelf.
So other than the furniture, this space is pretty much empty.
I like to start from scratch when putting a look together.

Tip #2 Add pattern.

I usually start with a pattern first because then you can always play off of it. So the first thing I did here was add a pillow.  Pillows are the easiest way to play around with pattern, but curtains and rugs are great too especially in rooms like kitchens and bathrooms when you can't get away with pillows.

Tip #3 Keep balance

The second thing I added to the space was a white wire basket holding three white pitchers. The white from the pitchers balances with the white bench.

Tip #4 Add Glass

I love decorating with glass because of how it fills up a space without feeling heavy. 
Believe it or not, I have picked up both of these glass drink dispensers at thrift stores on two separate occasions. I think they are great, and I also love to use them for entertaining. 

Tip #5 Add Weight

This tip is mostly important when styling a bookshelf, it's best to keep heavier items on the bottom shelf to add weight. However, this tip can also apply in other areas, such as the wood box under the bench, it helps to keep the look grounded.

  I filled this wire basket with vintage table clothes and added it to the bottom shelf. It's not only useful to have in the dining room, but the patterns also play nicely with the pattern on the pillow.

Tip #6 Showcase Collections

What do you collect? Me, I tend to collect glass bottles, picture in white frames, and white dishes. 
I think it's important to display the things you love.

Tip #7 House Plants.

I know, Again with the House plants! But I believe house plants are a must-have when styling a space.  Plants just make everything come alive. Not only are they happy to look at, they also add a good vibe of your home and make your space feel fresh.

I'm slowly collecting plants here and there.  I try to bring home a new one every time I find one on sale. I feel like you can never have too many plants.

Tip #8 Fill in the Blanks

The last tip is to step back, look at your space, and see where the blanks are. 
This is a great time to add all of your little nick nacks to the space.

For me, I added a couple of glass floats. Again, sticking to my glass tip, and again, sticking to my collections tip.

They also added little pops of color.

Tip #9 Flow

I guess I should have mentioned this tip at the beginning, but it's important that your spaces all flow together.  I used the same colors as in our living room and it does all feel very cohesive. 

I like how it all came together. This space is so much more pleasing to look at now. 

Tip #10 Never Stop Styling!

 I just can't stop! Lol! Just when I think I'm done styling a space, and usually it's after I've taken a million pictures of it, I then decide it needs more!
So in my last look here, I've added more! More plants, More bottles, I even hung up a straw bag and sweater on the bench.
This space is fun to look at, it's lived-in, it's fresh, and it feels like home.

I hope I have inspired you in one way or another with my styling tips today.
do you have any other tips you would like to add?  If so just leave it in a comment below.

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  1. thanks for this post, you made me get how to do it step by step and with pics and i love your final is fresh and fun thanks again xx

  2. I loved reading this post Emily, your photography is always to die for, and I loved learning your thought process for styling a space. P.S. We collect all of the same things...white dishes, glass bottles and pictures in white frames! Haha! Twinsies! ;)

  3. the paint color is beautiful...what is it?

  4. I would also love to know the paint color name and brand on the walls. It is lovely. Nicely done.

    1. Thanks you! The color is called, Old Fashioned by True Value. A picture of the lid's label can be viewed here: