Valentines Heart Doily Wreath

Today, I thought I'd share how to make this really simple, yet really beautiful wreath.
You may have already seen it since I shared it last year on Ella Claire Here.
I made it using a wire wreath frame and some paper heart doilies.

 Even though I made this wreath as a Valentine decoration, it doesn't necessarily scream Valentines, and therefore it could be an everyday beautiful wall hanging.

I love how soft and pretty it looks up on my mantle.
 To make this wreath, here is what you will need:
- 1 wire wreath frame. I picked this one up at Hobby Lobby for $3.99
- 24 paper heart doilies.  These came from the dollar store.
- a cluster of faux decorative flowers (optional) 
- stapler
- hot glue gun

The first thing you will need to do is accordion fold the paper doilies to give them that ruffled look.
Using a stapler, staple it leaving a 3 inch tail.
Starting with the outer ring of the wire frame, hot glue the doily heart directly onto the wire.
Then glue the heart tail onto the back of the doily.
The frame is basically divided into eight sections.  At each section I placed 3 doily hearts on the outside ring, and 3 doily hearts on the inside ring.
 I only used the outside and inside rings of the frame, leaving the 2 middle rings empty.
After I had finished gluing on the layers of doily hearts, I decided to add some white decorative roses.  I played around with where to place them. and then glued them on.
I like the added touch they brought to the wreath.

And like I said, you really don't notice that it is paper hearts, it just looks like ruffles.
I think it would be really pretty hanging at Easter time.

And lastly, How pretty is this paper heart doily wreath that Ayden's Attic shared on her Instagram page?
She got the idea from me, but made hers with hot pink doilies instead of white.
I love it!

 I hope I have inspired you to make your own paper heart doily wreath.
Have a lovely day,



  1. Your wreath is so pretty. I love it and am pinning it to my Valentine's Day Decorations board!!

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  2. So pretty. Love the small white flowers you've added too!

  3. This is absolutely beautiful! I saw your post on Hometalk and had to visit your blog to read more. I'm sharing this on my FB page today.

  4. LOVE this! I am visiting from Bygone Vintage ;) Blessings, Cecilia

  5. EMILY THIS IS SO SO PRETTY LOVE IT PINNED XX ps sorry for the caps xx

  6. Would you mind sharing the size of the wire wreath you used? It's beautiful!! I definitely need to make this.

  7. This wreath is beautiful! I love it in white.

  8. This wreath is beautiful! I love it in white.

  9. This is so beautiful! I definitely have to make one so thanks for the great tutorial!


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  11. How did you get the stapled tail to turn 90 degrees to glue to the fan part of the doily? And then, did you glue the inside doilies to the outside ones to keep them from flopping into the center of the wreath? Can you tell I'm having problems?!