How to make Doing the Dishes more Enjoyable

Who likes doing the Dishes?
Anyone? Anyone?
Not Me!  Dishes are such a never ending chore at our house.
I end up with a sink full of dishes every evening and it always feels like such an annoying task that takes up my precious time. 
Well at the beginning of the year I decided to try and make the best out of doing the dishes.  I have to do them anyway, why not try to enjoy it? So after making a few changes, I now almost look forward to my evening ritual of doing the dishes.....Almost :)
I wanted to share with you a few simple things that have made doing the dishes a little more enjoyable for me, and maybe you will want to try them too.

- Enjoy some alone time

The first thing I do is wait for the family to finish their supper and head on downstairs to play.
I now have a few minutes of alone time. I like to take this time to clear my mind and relax.
Now I do have my boys help with the dishes every once in a while because it's important that they help out. But most of the time I like to do the dishes by myself.

-Create a relaxing environment

To help make doing the dishes more enjoyable I like to create a relaxing environment.
I first dim the lights. I turn off all overheard lighting and just leave on the under cabinet  and stove hood lighting. Next, I like to light a candle next to the sink. This helps create a soothing ambiance.
I'll also sometimes listen to music while I do the dishes.

-Keep things pretty and handy

I have placed a tray next to the sink and on it I have all the things I need for doing dishes.
This tray not only holds dish soaps and scrub brushes, but candles, plants, flowers, and lotions too.
I like to arrange this tray  in a way that it pleasing to look at.

-Pamper Yourself

Which I know sounds funny when I'm talking about doing dishes, right? But think about buying dish soaps that smell good. Use clean dish rags, and soft hand towels. Buy yourself flowers and place them next to the sink.

Something else I like to do sometimes is remove the labels off of bottles.  It just makes them look prettier.  

-Focus on the task

Now that I'm alone,  I have created a relaxing environment with pampering soaps and candles, and  everything I need is close by and looking pretty, Now it's time to do those dishes!

I like to turn the water to warm and let it flow out on low.  Again, it's all about relaxing.
Water spraying out on high is not going to relax you.

As I do the dishes, I let my mind focus on the task at hand. I'm in the moment. I don't let my mind go wondering on what I've got to do next, or what happened that day or whatever.
I Just be!

So those are a few simple steps I have started doing and they really have made doing the dishes a lot more enjoyable.

Do you have any other tips about doing dishes that you would like to share?
If so, I'd love to hear them.

Thank you so much for stopping by,

Peace & Love


  1. Oh my goodness! You made dishes sound like an amazing spa experience! I absolutely love this post Em! I had never thought of making dishes relaxing, but I can't wait to implement your strategies!

  2. Sounds wonderful, unfortunately won't work in my tiny kitchen... I live in a studio

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