Salvaged Wood Advent Tree

I made this wood tree advent a while back and shared it over at Ella Claire
Today I wanted to re-share it here on my own blog for any of you who may have missed it.
By the way,  have you seen Ella Claire's Christmas home tour yet? So beautiful! It's a must see!

So to make my advent tree, I went to my wood pile and found some old savaged wood.
I decided to white wash the wood to give it a lighter, clean look. To create the white wash, I simply just mixed water into my white paint to give it a watery stain-like consistency, and then I brushed it onto the wood.
Once the paint was dried, I began constructing my tree.  I used one long board for the back, mine is about 4 feet tall. And five smaller boards, ranging from 1 - 2 1/2 feet tall for the branches, but honestly you can use whatever size wood you have on hand. You just want the boards to differ in sizes to give it a tiered effect.
After the tree was constructed, I nailed on 25 long nails.

I filled the wood tree up with a few small gifts, fun gift tags, and ornaments to hang on the Christmas tree.

I also love the idea of adding little numbers above each nail.  And then hang an ornament that gets moved up a nail each day, creating a count down, which is such a great idea for little ones who are always asking, "how many more days until Christmas?" This way they are able to see for themselves.

It's so exciting, counting down to the big day.

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  1. This is so cute and who wouldn't love counting down the days with this upcycled treasure!! Happy Advent!