A Rustic Christmas Office

So last week I shared Our Rustic Cottage Christmas Tour, Did you see it?
I've had so much fun decorating our home this year and I put a lot of thought into every detail.
 I wanted to make sure our home felt warm and cozy for the holidays. So if you haven't seen our tour yet, be sure you do, I'm very happy with how it all turned out.

For the tour, I had to pick just a few of my favorite pictures to share, which was pretty difficult since I took hundreds of each room. So I decided I would came back after the tour was posted and share a few more pictures and more details of each room.

Today, I wanted to let ya back into our home office.

As you may know, I first painted the room in a dark gray (post). And to be honest, I painted it especially for Christmas. I knew I wanted this room to have a rustic, lodge, man-cave look to it because it just felt so fitting for this time of year, and it being an office/den it just seemed to make sense.
The gray walls made such an impact in this room, I sometimes look around and think, where am I? The room just looks and feels so different.
Decorating the room was the fun part. I had a vision for the room (post) and I really tried to stick with it.  I brought in a lot of plaids and rustic elements to the room.
I think the color scheme of gray, red, and white with touches of brown and green really play well off of each other.

I also knew I wanted to create a gift wrapping station in the room, and I was able to by utilizing a pair of white bookshelves.
I had planned to hang dowels in the shelves to hold the wrapping paper, but then realized that there wasn't enough room in the shelves to do so, But it turns out that the wrapping paper itself is a perfect fit for the width of the shelves. The wrapping paper actually just squeezes in perfectly with no needed dowels or hooks. 
This is something you can try at home. You can turn a bookshelf into a gift wrapping station, and chances are your wrapping paper will squeeze in perfectly as mine did.
Also, I should mentioned, although it may be a little hard to tell from the pictures, but I gave the back of my bookshelves a 'fake plank' look by using a pencil. (Post)
I also filled the shelves with gift boxes, bags, and ribbons. Scissors and tape are nearby, so  everything I need to wrap my gifts is close on hand. 
Here at the desk is where I blog from. :)
The wicker deer is from the thrift store, which I believe is originally from Pottery Barn.

I made the Joy sign by using burlap stickers and cute little ski's that were both from Target (post)
The Baby it's warm inside was a free printable I got from The Yellow Bliss Road found HERE.  There are even more printables to choose from, but I thought this one was perfect for the room. I've attached it to some red and black plaid wrapping paper and then attached it to a wooded sign I had.

The daybed got a bunch of pillows piled onto it to create a comfy cozy lounge spot.
My Sweet Abby pug says Hi!

My bull skull is even looking festive for the  holidays.

The vintage ski's were my grandmas, I bring them out every Christmas to remind me of her. And actually the wooded trunk is from her as well.
Growing up we spent Christmas eve at her home, so I have lots of wonderful memories of her at this time of year.
I made the plaid pillow on the left years ago and then the other two are new. The snowflake pillow is from Home Goods and then I made the deer silhouette pillow and shared it at City Farmhouse (post).  A little secret, I used a grey flannel dogie blanket for the pillow, and it turned out to be the perfect size.
This room is really fun to be in at night with the little tree lit up and all of the candles burning.
See, I told ya I took a lot of pictures of the room.

Thanks for stopping by, and please come back soon for more of my holiday crafts and decorating projects.



  1. i just adore this space- those walls!!!!

  2. Love love love your Christmas room!!! I'm a little jealous...it really turned out so beautiful.

    The Blue Birdhouse - DIY Blog

  3. emily i do not comment often, but i read your blog everyday and i loved your whole house but this room warms my heart xx

  4. I love it!! I am on a grey, red plaid kick this year too,,although I have not managed to find as many great pillows as you! Love it!! and that is an awesome gift wrapping station you have.....enjoy the coziness of your office space!

  5. What a wonderful space. I adore all the plaid and the overall cozy feel of the room. You've done a wonderful job on it.

  6. Like the dark walls with the red. The decorations are so festive. Wishing for a wrapping station. Linda

  7. Just found your blog thru IG. Your home is beautiful! I love this room! May I ask what brand/color you used for the paint? Thank you, Jennifer

  8. I enjoy following your blog. Love the Christmas decor!

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