2015 Year in Review

I can not believe another year has already gone by!
Last year, I put together a year in review collage, capturing a favorite post from each month.
 Not only was the collage fun to create, but it also gave me such a great sense of accomplishment.  
To go through the whole year of my blog and pull together pictures of  my biggest home and other DIY projects really made me proud of all of my hard work and my own inner achievements.
And so I knew I wanted to do it again for 2015.
Now these are not particularly my most popular post, but they are my own personal favorites.  
And again, I am grateful for all of my little projects and being able to share them all with you.
  I hope you will enjoy this little trip down memory lane as much as I do.

I always start the new year off with big projects. For some reason with the new year comes the yearning for change. Right now I'm working on making changes to our kitchen. But last year, with the beginning of the new year, I decided to paint All of the woodwork and trim in our home from cream to bright white.  It was a big project, but so worth it!

Who knew that painting your front door blue would be such a hit?
I think the most asked question of the year was, "What color is your front door?"
And the answer is, Night Scape by Valspar.

In March, I created my very first printable and shared it in my very first blog hop.
I think my Bunny Crossing sign turned out so cute, and I'm excited to get it out again in the spring.

For my Birthday I received a new picnic table from my Mother-in-law. It was something I had always wanted. I stained the table to give it a weathered look and then I took pictures of it sitting under the beautiful blossomed tree in our backyard.

My most creative project of the year has got to be this mini green house terrarium I made using dollar store picture frames. 
It was even shared on  MSN, All You, and Apartment therapy.

In June, I made these easy gallery wall picture ledges. I have had fun decorating them ever since.
I have changed out the pictures and frames several times and not once worrying about the placement, the straightness, or nail holes, which is always the problem with gallery walls. I love these ledges!

With the warm summer month of July, I decided to tackle the exterior of our home. I painted all of the trim from green to white. 

In the summer, I also played around a lot in our entry way. This is actually Look #3!

And then came Fall. To hold onto some of our precious summer memories, I gave our home a camp inspired fall look.
This post is also  #58 of the 99 Incredibly Inspiring Interior Design & Decorating post (2015 Edition) found on Interior Charm

For Halloween I made the Cutest Pumpkin Ever!

Sometimes late at night ideas come to me that I just know are going to be Amazing!
This one was one of those ideas. I feel like this post was meant for me to share with you.
I drew planks on my wall with a pencil and they actually look real.

And of course, my favorite post in December has got to be my Christmas Home tour.
This year I was lucky to have been asked to take part in a Christmas home tour hosted by Cherished Bliss and Country Living. It was a dream come true. 

And for an even bigger trip down memory lane, here is the collage I made last year for 
I shared a favorite post from each month as I did again this year.
It's really cool to see how much our home changes from one year to the next. 
You can check that post out HERE.

Happy 2016!!!!
I can't wait to see what projects and changes are in store for the new year.

I also want to say Thank You to You for being here. If you are new, or a long time follower, I appreciate You so much for just being here. I blog because I enjoy it, but to know You are here, makes it feel like my little voice in the big wide world is being heard.

I wish You a Very Happy New Year!
I hope this new year is the best year ever for all of us!

Peace, Love & Happiness,



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