Office Progress & Fake Planked Bookshelves

 As you already know, I'm currently working on making over our home office.
The biggest change so far has been painting the walls a dark gray color called, Software by Sherwin Williams.
 The second change was painting the ceiling trim and windows all in a bright white.
You can see more about the paint in my previous post HERE. In that post you will also find some inspiration pictures I'm using to give me ideas on decorating the room.

I plan on getting this room all decked out with rustic holiday decor,  but for now, I'm enjoying the fresh, clean look of the room.

I still can't get over the new color of the walls, I love it so much. I feel like it flows so well with the rest of our home.
 Ok, so moving on to the other side of the room we have a set of two old bookcases.
 By the way, can I also just tell you how much I love the contrast in the room.
All of the white pops out so much next to the dark walls.
 Especially the white windows and curtains. I also want to mention that my white curtains were actually made from Wal-mart's 5 dollar twin size sheets. Yup, I couldn't have found anything better for these windows.  You can learn more about the curtains HERE.
 Ok, I'm getting distracted, back to the bookshelves.
They were pretty dated looking before, so I decided to give them some Fake Planks.
If you haven't seen by now, I have recently Faked Planked my bedroom wall.  I created these fake planks with a pencil! I've drawn my planks on with a pencil, and from across the room you can't even tell, they look as real as can be. 
You can see more of my Fake Planks HERE
So for my bookshelves, I used the exact same method as I did on our bedroom wall.
I used a ruler to measure my planks 6 inches apart, I then used a leveler and a pencil to draw on the lines.
 I marked my lines heavier in some areas, lighter in others. This creates the illusion of space between planks.
 I then lightly blotted sealer onto the lines to keep them from smearing. Again, I used a wet paper towel to clean up any sealer that was outside of the lines as so they wouldn't be noticeable once dried.
 And once again, I think I pulled off the plank look, and giving these old bookshelves an updated look.
I can't wait to share what I have planned to go on these shelves. So stay tuned~
This room is really coming together. Every day it is looking more and more of what I have visioned in my head.

Thanks for stopping by,


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  1. Hi Emily, LOVE the color and everything you have done....I am seriously considering this paint color for our family room/kitchen nook. I find that a lot of grays have a blue/ish tone which I am trying to avoid. This one looks like a true rich grey? My only concern is that our family room faces NORTH and tents to be kind of dark, but I do have the white wrapped windows and an off white ceiling. Ohhh decisions, decisions....LOL.....
    You live in WA State correct? I am down in Olympia!
    Christine from Little Brags

  2. really looking awesome my dear xx

  3. Love your wall color! Pretty room.

  4. This whole fake plank idea is genius. I read your bedroom post awhile back, but seeing it on the back of the bookshelves won me over again. Now my head is swimming with where I can do this in my own house....stay tuned! New to your blog ~ Love!