Office Changes and Room Inspiration

I decided it was time to change things up in our home office.  I felt like the room needed to be cozy-ed up a bit now with the colder months ahead. I also decided that I wanted to give our office more of a rustic, lodge, man-cave feel to it.
So the first step was to pull together some inspiration and then choose a new color for the walls.

Because I'm a hoarder of paint swatches, I was able to reach into my big picnic basket where I store them all, and pull out a bunch of grays that had the tones I was going for.
I narrowed my choices down to about 7 and then turned the final pick over to my husband, Jake. 
Jake is the best at choosing paint colors, one look at the choices and he said,
"I like the second one from the top".
 Just like that!
But then I butted in and said,
"Do you think it will be too dark?,
Should I just get a sample?,
 Do you have a second choice?,
Should I get a sample of that too?
 And do you think it will look good?"
And Jake replies,
 " You asked me which one I like, and I like the second one from the top".
Ha ha ha ha, Why are men so easy to please?
So I went to Lowes and got a gallon of the paint he choose, painted the walls,
 and I Love it!!!
Jake is so good at choosing paint colors that I've learned to just leave it up to him from now on.
So the Color is Software by Sherwin Williams.

Sherwin Williams - Software

But before I could put the new color on the walls, I had to first paint the ceiling. 
 I hate painting ceilings!! 
 But it had to be done, the ceiling was cream before and now it is a fresh clean white.

  Painting the walls however was a little scary at first, I'am totally stepping out of my light and airy comfort zone here.  
And the last step was to paint all of the baseboards, trim, and windows white,  including the window panes, which was the most tedious job of all, I'm so thankful for my mother-in-law who spent the day helping me out, it was such a big job.
 I am so happy with the color that Jake picked out. I achieved just the look I was going for. 
And I'm also so happy to have the room finished painted.
Now I get to move on to the fun part of decorating it.  

I wanted to share some Room Inspirations I have been collecting on Pinterest so you can catch my vision for the room.

I can't wait to get the room finished so I can share it with you.

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  1. It looks great! We did the same thing in our office. It is the house with the most windows and my husband wanted something darker than the rest of the house, so I let him pick. He picked a gray a little lighter than your gray and I was totally out of my comfort zone!

  2. OH, I hate painting windows and ceilings! Love the color on the walls and how the white trim pops against it. Your inspiration photos are great - can't wait to see what you do!