Collage Frame Gallery Wall

 Around here we like to frame our family vacation photos in collage frames. It's a wonderful way to capsule those cherished family memories in a design where we can be reminded of them daily. I have recently moved the frames to the main hallway in our home.

As you may remember they use to be hung in our home office above the desk.
But because I am currently making some changes in our office, I decided to move the frames to the hallway. 
I was so pleased that I was able to fit them all onto the one wall.

The vacation picture collages was my husband's idea years ago,  and we have kept up with framing them ever since.

They make me smile every time I walk by them, so moving them to the hallway was an excellent idea.
 I've been asked before where I get my collage frames from, and the answer is, everywhere! I have picked them up at various stores such as, Ikea, Walmart, Target, Big lots, Fred Meyers, just to name a few, but it seems like none of these stores carry them consistently.  So many times I have been on a search for them. Sometimes they are hard to find because I need them to hold a lot of pictures and blend in with all of my others. 
Once I do find them,  I don't worry about the color of the frame, because I usually always end up spray painting them white.  

One day I hope to have the whole hallway framed with wonderful family memories.
Maybe it's about time to plan another family vacation. :)

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